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Kiss Me

Kiss me
  in the strawberry fields 
  of your mind.

Kiss me
  in rhythm 
  and rhyme.

Kiss me 
  until darkness 
  becomes sunshine.

Kiss me
  from pain
  to pleasure divine.

Kiss me
  through sands 
  of time.

Kiss me
  beyond death
  to life sublime. 



◄ Narcissus V Phoenix

Seventeen ►


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Mon 14th Dec 2020 16:24

Thanks Nicola. I remember watching a SciFi movie years ago where they had sex telepathically! With AI, who knows, could become a reality! lol. I'll have to go in search of your poem. Sometimes we poets are on the same wavelength. Pretty cool. ?

<Deleted User> (13740)

Mon 14th Dec 2020 06:17

We will see if it happens. Yes some tribes do think kissing is disgusting. It is really. But I love kisses. Mmm Eskimos rub noses. And the tribes all have sex otherwise there would be no tribes. Sex is pretty silly too when you think about it from a logical biological point of view. I like your poem very much though it reminds me of one of mine. Keep safe

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Mon 14th Dec 2020 01:09

Good point Nicola! This poem was inspired by an article I read about kissing traditions, where some tribes thinks it’s disgusting. I suppose with the pandemic, that philosophy is spreading! Good luck with your date. I hope you at least get a poem from it!

<Deleted User> (13740)

Sun 13th Dec 2020 22:40

Yes kisses are lovely. But what about Covid. I've had a few covid dates now. I'm looking forward to the next one. It better happen this time. I'm sick and tired of the virtual world.

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