far end of the graveyard

cant find it for tall weeds

but why did I come here?

thorn pricks, leg bleeds


this grass needs cutting

Billy always was a liar

there's daffodils dead

more blood from a briar


should have put on a coat

hurt me when he strayed

its starting to snow again

not only me he betrayed


trips on a trailing bramble

marble knocks her for six

wakes to a crowding dark

crimson leg a tongue licks


cant move, flakes descend

always so terrified of foxes

I'd be safer tucked in one

of these wooden boxes


care home's out searching,

mobile for a guest so old,

they'll find her tomorrow,

wreathed in weeds, cold

bleedsboxescare homegraveyardmarblesnowstraysthornweeds

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keith jeffries

Wed 9th Dec 2020 13:09

A poem cleverly constructed which brings home one salient point which is the sad demise of an old lady. The media have said little about the plight of the elderly in the pandemic apart from a focus on families not being able to visit their relatives. Yet I have heard of one old man who in desperation set fire to his home and another who was sectioned under the mental health act. Sad facts of life.

A good and topical poem
Thank you for this


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