Narcissus V Phoenix

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Narcissus creatures surround me.
Vultures, pecking at my serenity.
Testing my resolve.
Threatening to consume me.
Daring me to break free,
from a doomed mentality. 

Do I close my eyes to injustice
permeating our atmosphere,
like The Great Smog?


I spread my Phoenix wings.
Rise above the toxic darkness.
Bring forth healing light.
Spread peace, kindness, love.

Never give up the fight.

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Thu 10th Dec 2020 21:41

Thank you Stephen. I also love that song. It’s so uplifting!

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Thu 10th Dec 2020 21:22

Hi Paul, my protective friend. Thank you for preparing to come to my rescue! Interesting that you mention being confused by the first line. When I first wrote the poem, I listed a string of adjectives to describe low-vibrating life force, such as self-absorbed, entitled, lazy, apathetic...but then thought what one mythological creature captures the essence of all those things? Narcissus!

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Thu 10th Dec 2020 21:09

So glad you enjoyed it Keith. It warms my heart to uplift others through poetry.

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Thu 10th Dec 2020 21:08

Thank you Maria. I agree inspiring poetry helps give us hope for a brighter future!

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Thu 10th Dec 2020 21:06

Thank you Aviva. I will look for the Phoenix in your poems. I love the symbolism of overcoming adversity and overwhelming odds. I also find it inspiring and enjoy reading uplifting poetry.

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 10th Dec 2020 20:13

Great poem. Great song ?

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keith jeffries

Thu 10th Dec 2020 16:16


A noble poem of determination and resolve. It has gladdened my heart.
Thank you for this.

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Maria Elena

Thu 10th Dec 2020 16:07

A fantastic, descriptive poem.
So inspiring and the need to break free from darkness and struggles is the way to a brighter future.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 10th Dec 2020 16:04

I love the symbolism of the phoenix and it features now and then in my poetry too. This is a great phoenix poem. Uplifting.

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