Co-lived 20

A slant start sparked this slam, 

Soft whispers twirling atop busy macadam; 

A familiar far cry

From January faked pleasures across our sky.


Was born like a secret, travelled like a comet,

Spinned the viral faucet, laughed at from every state.

Cunning and surreptitious, evolved insidious; 

February wine flows, life turning frivolous. 


Exciting perspective of apocalypse now, 

Pumping Amazon’s green inexorable vow, 

Humans at their apex spectacularly foul, 

Kicking March into an abysmal one-way mal. 


Toilet paper rolls and whiskey bottles stacked on top of guns and dildos, 

While nurse paper masks and hospital beds crumble under piles of corpses;

Green Spring river streams ashed by the civilized fall of decayed dominos,

When at last conspicuous senses become fathomed as April closes. 


Poignant fear arisen from data begging to differ from forecast poll, 

Increased division and grown diversion as Envy and Greed took over;

Individualism at its best, struggling to survive this whac-a-mole, 

Delusional speculations preventing May from remaining sober. 


From the depth a new hope fabricated from estival sun came to light,

Such pamphlet quickly disfigured cursed ailed by the hands of the Gods themselves;

A crimson war campaign still bore through the bright incandescent human might,

Channeling despair into June shattering grails into forgotten tales.


Summer celebration opening a grand hoax,

Super-spreading from Fourth to beaches full of folks, 

Idiocy, number one Facebook challenge en vogue, 

Crowning July with its queen jewel befitting cog


Wrapped by cloudy blankets, rum soaked minds being drunk;

Licked poisonous droplets, bitter bits in mouth sunk; 

Deadly running piglets, delicious virgins skunked; 

August demise closet smacked open with a dunk.


Putrid ooze squirting loose, vivid suckling ventoused,

Creeps chewing chin chin booze, founding fiends of blues; 

Endurance exhaust ruse, chasing after wild goose, 

Defeat September news, rising to higher trues.


Winter already came, 

Veni Vidi Vici, 

Now standing on feared fame,

October-praised rot tree.


Ballots blown by gospel, 

Truth disguised transgender,

Contesting black label, 

Shot down dead November. 


Effortless happy times

Often hide ugly screams;

2020 Death crimes

Must just be some bad dreams…


<Deleted User> (18980)

Thu 31st Dec 2020 09:25

A fantastical romp through 2020. I feel as though you ran out of steam towards the end, as indeed have we all.

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