In the deserted island of my mind,

cotton candy memories float by,

followed by fog and bomber planes,

raining shrapnel of a painful past

and Nostradamus future. 


I am tempted to retreat, 

among the trees, 

where no one can find me. 

Give up my majestic seat 

on the sandy shores of time. 


Boldly I remain, 

sheltered in plain sight,

like a hermit crab,

trying to fly,

while the castaway, 

observes it all, 

with a curious eye.



◄ Giving Tuesday

Narcissus V Phoenix ►


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Tue 8th Dec 2020 21:29

Thanks so much Tom. ? Legendary songwriter days are the best. Enjoy! ?

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Tue 8th Dec 2020 09:39

Lovely writing as always V. You've inspired me to have a Joni day, which is very generous of you! ?

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Mon 7th Dec 2020 01:55

Thank you for commenting Philipos. I love that song too. One of my Joni Mitchell favorites.

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Mon 7th Dec 2020 01:53

I like the way you think Aviva! Thank you for your thoughtful and enlightening comment. ?❤️

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Mon 7th Dec 2020 01:52

Thank you Paul for your support as always. ? I love the way you comment with poetry. So cool. ? P.S. I immediately thought of this song when I wrote the poem. Sometimes I spend hours finding the song/video to go with my poem, which is part of the fun. I’m glad you enjoy it! ?


Sun 6th Dec 2020 22:14

Great personal views and I thank you for sharing the lovely musical item.


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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sun 6th Dec 2020 21:43

Because there is no matter what harm is suffered
You cannot imagine yourself down to dust or ended
At some future moment perhaps, but not in this moment
amidst the maelstrom of your own recollections.
You can be injured, unharmed, or ripped to shreds
And all will continue on in re-run after re-run
even if you are not running.

Or you can be stood tall like a beacon of indestructability
impossibly tall, and invincible, accepting that
the central power of your mind is you
and your curious eye.

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