The second Armenian genocide, 2020


President Emmanuel Macron of France said on Wednesday, September 28, that a proxy of Syrian fighters has been deployed from southern Turkey To Azerbaijan.

 The war has now begun
 And will end in the holy city
 Of Jerusalem.
 And many will burn their eyes
 Before she is done, or dies.

 The Turks refuse to accept the Armenian genocide of 1915. Now, in 2020
 Armenians are, again, being taxed in blood for being Christian,
 The remains of the non-Islamic east,
 Battered by Azeris, Daesh, Syrians, Turks.
 Armenians receive no help from the ex-Christian west:
 The Azeris armed and helped by the Americans and Israelis
 Launch an all-out attack.
 The suffering Armenians have seen it all before.
 1400 years of persecution.
 Worse, much worse,
 Since the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

But this aristocrat’s a creature of ascendancy
red-jewelled, attracted by oblivion
she struggles on
dreams by day lies by night.

Her husband’s suicide
such a lot of commotion
for a man of less than monkish virtue.

She’s the mistress of horology
perfectly un-islamic
a troubadour
of old.

And her war has now begun
And will end in the holy city
Of Jerusalem.
And many will burn their eyes
Before she is done, or dies.



ARMENIAN GIRLS CRUCIFIED DURING THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE Christian Armenian  Girls Raped and Crucified by Turks During the Armenian Genocide of 1915 at  the Beginning of 19 L 5 There Were About 2

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