Words Are Falling Like Rain

Words are falling, like rain, like rain.
Words living and dying and born again
Falling like rain.

And they are falling on windows, drumming on rooftops
Words that are gentle, words that are ruthless
Falling like rain.

Words in trickles and rivulets, in streams and torrents
Words splashing onto legs, words drenching heads
Falling like rain.

Out of thin air, pure, clear, sent distant, blown near
Words that heal hurts, words that quench thirsts
Falling like rain.

Words that wash away pain, that carry away shame
Words spilling from brain to brain to brain
Words falling, like unstoppable rain.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Wed 2nd Dec 2020 20:09

Thank you Shifa. Thank you Adam.
Thanks also to all those who have clicked 'Like' for this poem.

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Adam Whitworth

Wed 2nd Dec 2020 19:03

I'm really enjoying this one. Thank you Aviva.
Very engaging ghazal-like rhythms.

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Shifa Maqba

Wed 2nd Dec 2020 16:48

Beautiful poem, Aviva!

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