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Who Am I and Where Do I Belong?

Who Am I? And where do I belong?

Where do I go right? Where did I go wrong?

Was it real or fake love I was shown all along?

Am I really that mentally tough & strong?

If I fail, Will I momentairly freeze or stay froze?

Will I dig up a pile of dirt in my back yard & find a bunch of diamonds & gold?

Or am I to die a failure, lonely, & old?

This the type of mindset the old me was on.

Present day truth be told, it's either go hard or go home.

The hell with the fear of the unknown.

I'm about to make the leap of my life, test myself, & rock and roll.

I'm about to aim for the bullseye, lets lock & load.

So watch this young lion jump, brave & bold.

I learned from my negative past, now a positive chapter has opened & it's time to move on.

Oh bless you Universe for testing me & keeping me strong.

Now my negative traumatic past and mistakes I shall let go.

Another door has opened. Now here I go!

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