Time Could Last Forever

We live our lives together
Breathing the same air
Yet never help each other
It makes life hard to bear.

So much could be made better
In just a little time
And time could last forever
If we just use it right.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Tue 29th Dec 2020 21:56

Thank you Ghazala and Keith for your comments.

Keith your insight for this poem has tempted me to write a poet's perspective (anyone not wanting to read a poet's perspective for this poem should ignore the rest of this comment)

This is all about what time means to the universe, to the planet, to the society, to humans in general, and of course to the individual. Time as a wild commodity of the universe of course will last forever no matter what, but humans value time in a much more personal way. For human society time spent lasting forever means attainment of solid progress of at least passing permanence that could then be said to lay a foundation for all that follows. For humans themselves, time lasting forever is both beyond and within their own lifespan - beyond means our own actions having impact on others, and within means pleasant memories or personal results of how we've spent our time. And yes, the word 'if' is very important, but also the word 'right' because it is for each person to decide what the right way to use their time is.

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keith jeffries

Tue 29th Dec 2020 20:57

The last line "if" sums up this poem of hope. If only, and we would live in a better society. This has a slight Rudyard Kipling tone to it. I like your use of non verse rhyme. Succinct but a good poem which begs a question that we need to find an answer for.
Thank you for this

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Ghazala lari

Sat 26th Dec 2020 11:05

Nice concept of time?

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