Choices over desires

The day when I decided,

what I will not..

And what I Will..

Moving on..

from the chaos and further wreckage.. 

Preventing the further mess.


I decided to be the best version of myself. 

I chose self esteem over suppression. 

I chose to love myself the way I truly deserve. 

I chose YES I chose. 


I wish if I had chosen before. 

And favored myself with the choice to choose what is right, 

over what I felt is right. 

Over the suggestions from others, 

to what I really want. 

And gifted myself the luxury of freedom, 

from the thoughts or words, 

limiting my potential. 


I chose happiness over approvals. 

I chose independence over slavery. 

I chose myself over other's expectations. 

I chose of making my dreams alive. 

I chose to live and breath the fresh breeze.


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