The First Of December

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Today is the first day of December
I am up and awake before the sun
The full moon is still shining bright
A new month and season has begun

Heavy frost glistens in the moonlight
Slowly the dark night turns into day
As a perfect winter morning emerges
I wonder......could snow be on its way

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julie callaghan

Tue 1st Dec 2020 20:17

Thanks Ruth happy 1st of December to you too. Hope you enjoy the sunshine

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 1st Dec 2020 20:10

Happy First of December! Let's hope it's a good month, I got up early just to get that bit of sun that had been hidden for nearly 2 days from the after effects of the eclipse!😊

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julie callaghan

Tue 1st Dec 2020 20:00

Thank you all for the likes and comments.

Slowly getting there, some gifts sorted but no decorations just yet, thanks for asking Paul.

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Paul Sayer

Tue 1st Dec 2020 18:17

I did exactly what you said, Stephen.

I finished the decs and then returned here for a restful read of some poetry, before having my evening meal and a flagon of ale.

I hope you are sorted also, Julie.


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Stephen Gospage

Tue 1st Dec 2020 17:25

A good inspiring poem, Julie. Paul, I should do this early in the morning instead of watching CNN and my daily feed on the Brexit trade talks. Doh......

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Paul Sayer

Tue 1st Dec 2020 07:49


I'm up and ready for a busy day also Julie.

Trim the tree, deck the hall,
tinsel, lots of glittery balls.
down the garden at the of the path
cut some holly to deck the hearth.

Lights that twinkle on the tree
I LOVE Christmas time you see
Fondest memories of Dad & Mum
and Christmas pud full of plum

Yum Yum Yum

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