Obsessive Shopping

Obsessive Shopping


Years ago I was impulsive and easily led

A shopping spree when I bought up everything in sight

I was obsessed with the need to possess

to have and own more despite the cost

Sales drew me like a magnet of desire

I rummaged to find style and size together

My wardrobe and bookcase creaked under an excessive weight

When back indoors with my latest booty


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At the tiny garden centre

a Ford Ranger pulled in,

window went down,

husband as controlled as a fist,

sullen, white T shirt

stayed in the car. 

Wife, blowsy, voluptuous

exhuding brute sexuality

got out. 


Two identikit boys followed:

slightly tubby, cropped hair,

white shirts and ties. 

Probably come from church,

such is their custom on a Sunday.


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Also by ray pool:



Two college students shop to find some beverages to fill their apartment fridge for the next week,

The man and his wife are showing their daughter a crab and a habitat, planning to surprise her for her ninth birthday,

The father of two daughters decides to buy a dream tent, so they can have sweet dreams at night,

The husband is finding a Valentine’s Day card for his wife,

The boyfriend...

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So I sold a dress today, 

Full of broken dreams, 

And silly promises we made, 

Living in the moment, 

Is what we need to do, 

Im sure your living it, 

With her or him,. 

And I have finally let you go 

Memories fade, 

And the silly promises we made, 

Unstitched like broken seams 

I have a path to take, 

To help others, 

Find there way, 

So this dress, 


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Here in these fields- all battlefields,

and day bit fiercely into night-

call not for final victories

but sing glad of tommorow's fight.

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There are times when blogs on WOL resemble a procession

Of  those who might be better suited going to confession!


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


The flavour of her

After the rain on the damp with the dew
And the scent aromatic like sassafras
Where the girl walked bare foot 

the declivity steep
But an effortless jaunt, 

pinnacle to shallow in obstinate manor.
The girl in undress 

through the plaza she rides
Cheers plentiful,

 suitors in abundance

But her eyes fixed hungrily

 awaiting her nemesis.
And all this pluvial,

 the rain her ...

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bare footdampdewgirlRain

In My Arms

I found a picture of you in my arms,

Sleeping securely, safe from harm,

As you knew it, anyway.

Your trust for me was complete,

You wanted for nothing

And thought of my love only

As often as a bird thinks of sky.

You didn’t yet know people

Can go away or even die.


I know how things changed,

But I can’t bear to think of it.

I picture you now, with your love


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The Giraffe and the Tree

What's that I see in yonder tree

I swear it's a giraffe

It turned to me in mock surprise

And just gave out a laugh


My poetry has gone downhill

I think I'll go to bed

Here's hoping that when I wake up

There's something in my head


What's that ?! The tree is running by

Giraffe is in pursuit

I'm seeing things I know 'aint true

The poor tree is uproot



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Take a Penny, Leave a Scar.

I'm just a number,
Put me in the back.
One of these days,
I swear I'll fucking snap.

Always keeping it in,
Forever pushing it down.
One day I'll strike this match
And burn this place to the ground.

Empathy is a curse,
A color I wear well.
I'm sick of always wondering
How other people feel.

I don't take care of myself,
I just bury my own bone.
I'm always there for everyone
But I'm al...

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No Love

Why you do me so wrong 
Why you shit on me all day long 
U do me dirty like a damn tampon 
Haven’t heard from you all day long 
Like cmon 
Look at the shit u be on 
U do me like a damn peon 
What type of love is this 
Why you gotta put me thru this


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Holding to the Root

This love is not gentle, it is outraged

By the self-interested scuttling to safe burrows,

The building of walls, the digging of mass graves.


This sadness is not sorrowful, it is ashamed.

These reasonable, rational, sensible words

A smoke screen for cruelty, cowardice,complacency

In the maggot ridden blood of human nature.


This anger is not rage, it is the deepest kin...

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Is the idea of you what drives me? Sensory overload when memories emerge. I still smell the fresh fuck, and can taste the sin of you.

Remembering calloused psalms urgent with primitive need feeds my fantasy. Logic dies as pain blossoms with pleasure.

Chained to lustful memories feeds my gluttonous pursuit of this craving. Can you not see the willingness to submit to you when all others bows ...

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Firefly//Saltwater Canyon

I found someone I loved and I'm letting them kill me
It's been 18 months without you and still counting
But I'm still waiting at that damn stop sign from 11 to 12
So you can count on me when everything goes wrong

I've always been so hard on myself waiting on you
It's been 18 months without you and still counting
No one can break me but you
I'm here begging for death everyday she's not her...

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Personal contact

Personal contact


Thursday, 31st may .2018


He doesn't know

when I blow

my whistle for the invite

but he gets delighted


I free the thought

to go near and don't get caught

as I want to remain unknown

till he tries to own me


He is real and dashing personality

I know of him clearly

I have some fascinations

and really wants to have the close rel...

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Addiction to Deal

What has this world come to?

What has my world come to?


Everyday I drown my sorrows with booze, sex....anything I can

I’m trapped inside my head


Images of what was, and what could be

...flash before my eyes so vividly

like I’m there


But I’m here...why can’t I live here

Why can’t I be happy here, I’m certainly not happy there


I’m drowning...

I’m dyi...

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Also by Megan Pieroway:

Bright Eyes Dead |


If you were in a garden full of flowers

with some weeds


Would you look at the flowers 

and enjoy their beauty




Would you look at the weeds

thinking the gardener needs

to do a better job?


By Lynn Hahn

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Also by lynn hahn:


Internet, I've Lost My Faith in You

I'm aware of the irony of putting this here.

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when the sirens sound...

when the siren sound of my love casts an endless ocean of dopplers upon me, as though lightening does from above in a brutal storm, my soul, my heart, my everything surrenders to the tantalizing taste of his audible delicacy. created from one, the one, the one love lost to the sea of the dead and the to the disease of greed still for me it is pride which fills my chest as i lay to rest to the swee...

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loveLove lost

A chance meeting

A serendipitous moment
So wonderful in its fortune
A wealth of wonderful adventures
was laid before us.
A path that was destined not to last
gave us truly happy times while we were walking it. 

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I would wake up every morning,

reasons hidden in my rhymes,

Searching for a new horizon,

travel always on my mind,

Always looking for my station,

mindful of departure times,

Till I found my destination

just along a different line.


I will meet you on the platform

even if your train runs late,

On this journey of a lifetime

what's another hour'...

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Training Wheels

Telling someone to be happy is like telling them how to ride a bike with no training wheels. 

I’ve been told how to be happy for 18 years of my life. 

No ones ever taught me how to do it for 2 years now that I am 20. 

I want to put my training wheels on but life is so short and passing me by. 

I no longer have the screws to tighten them back on.

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Also by D Lee:

Hopeless Romantic |

subjugation (the lesser of two evils)

An angel skidding in

between outstretched wings


drags behind his fantail

and sparks the flames--


the air is sheared and feet

dig deep into the turning earth


to send forth tremors

and stir from sleep

both the restless

and the peaceful...


We know these things:


there are N many revolutions

in an age


and Z is the magnitude of tears


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Also by nunya:

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No more

No more shouting daddy

No more crying mama

Too much fighting 

mom and dad

 Don't you see I suffer?

No more daddy 

No more chaos

I continue to be sad

So am I still suffering?


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For My Sisters And Brothers Of Colour

I know I have no right to stand here

and attempt to speak for my sisters

and brothers of colour.

I stand here in awe to applaud

their strength and their courage,

their patience in the face of 

relentless abuse.


As a child I was picked on,

excluded, abused;

I was ginger with freckles.

But now I am grown,

I doubt I’ve been ever

turned down for a job

or a h...

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#fightracism#inequality#prejudice#spokenwordPoets & Performance Poetry

Starting a new

Wouldnt it ust be easier if we had a reset button

Like in video games, you can just redo everthing

if somthing isnt working you just hit the refresh

if only life was that easy

Every mistake we make follows us for a long time

you cant restart

you cant avoid it

and you cant restart

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Quiet the night
Gloomy and mist
But dancing stars with,
Glissando bliss.

Blushing the flower bud,
Covering to a leaf.
Seeing the sun rise,
She always wished.

Her shimmering smile,
And his glimmering eyes.
The flower just bloomed,
With a magical sign.

Roovi ♡

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The city and the river

Once upon a time,
There was a city, 
a blue river was it's veins,
whose water was sweet and pure,
fishes merry and dance in it.

Cool and breezy air pampers the river.
Trees dancing over the celebration of nature, 
accompanied by the laughter of kids, 
who were sometimes playing
or swimming in the river. 

The river was a beautiful heaven, 
Yes, it was heart of the city. 
Near the ri...

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

The Grass |

What went before

The mystic rain
From the umbrella sky
In a rainbow 
Of shining puddles
Laying beneath
What went before
Leaving no answers
As the dying questions
In the half light
Left by the place
Where the sun
Used to be
In the space
Between shadows

your soul
Whilst your mind 
And you whisk
Yourself away
The infinity
Of madness
Where a world

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Rainbow Lips

She was like a poem

few could understand, 

an ocean hidden in a drawer

with a white winter freeze, 

a blue summer breeze…

A yellow autumn leaf…

And a white withering rose...

From a late green spring…


He was a travelling pawn…

Confused within a wild roundabout...

Like frenzied carmine

searching for her rainbow lips…


She was a like poem 

few could und...

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rainbow lipsxoanxo

Wonder and Worry

The children are all tucked in,

Mother's said goodnight,

turned out the light,

 and closed the door.

Almost immediately,

three are asleep.

But the oldest lies awake,

mind working away.

She thinks about storms

and horns

and babies born.

Her brow furrows

as she thinks,

whar have we done?

There's too much death,






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Headphones and Wine bottles

Not exactly dressed for the kill-

Hell, she can’t even walk

In a straight line-

But she’ll still be able to find her way

To you.

In these heels,

In those thoughts,

She dances with wine bottles

While headphones play

Some song

That had nothing to do with you.

Bare feet circle bare floors;

Bare hands hang onto

Bare walls-

Or the toilet seat.

She feels poet...

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Also by Rebecca Leivesley:

Coffee Shop Blues |


Cabin To Cabin

At the bar, watching you work
breaking the waves
going cabin to cabin

An opiate look across your eyes
pushing to feel the rush
surging into the night

There's a high between those thighs
you've been falling
for the feeling of falling
on the commodity of love

See them capsize
or to splash inside another's eyes
the static shock of fingertips and kisses
the life eclipse

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Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation


I was there to help you

when you needed my advice,

I faced my brothers bullets -

was prepared to pay the price

of ostracism

in my fathers land

because I fought for justice

and decided to make a stand

against the corrupt message

of the terrorist breed.

I wanted to scourge my land

of their demon seed.


So I stood at checkpoints


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afghan translatorsafghanistanfailed policytranslatorsuk amnestyuk government

That Thing In The Cupboard

You know it's there

That thing in the cupboard.

You never want to tarry there,

In that big cupboard, the one by the stair

Because you know it's in there.

It's not exactly human

Or totally a monster,

It's somewhere in between,

An entity,

A thing.

It's very tall

And nasty

With skeleton fingers that could tighten around your neck,

Could sneak up behind

And br...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

Esther | Can They See Us ? |

Late Night Thoughts

Late Night  Thoughts


1: „You know the feeling you get

When you just lay in your bed

Stare at your ceiling

Thinking bout life and its meaning

Realizing that nothing will last

Future, Present and Past

None of them matters

Cause nothings forever”


2: “So if life doesn’t matter

Then death doesn´t matter”


1: “yeah but guess what´s better?”


2:”Mhh… ...

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conversationFeel goodFeeling sorry for yourself


In the years that followed she left no time for sorry

Days and nights were spent in clinches and with the cliches of travel

to hold and be held, 

the most holy of desires,

became necessary and consuming

Only when the last cock crowed did she feel the hope of new lives leave her soul, 

where she’d held and cherished them

There are still more roads to travel

paths she’s yet t...

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My Mind

My mind is a racing car and you are the road

Bending and swerving me around

My mind is a hurricane strong and hurtling

You are an obstacle

Who doesn’t deserve it

My mind is a cheetah

Who’ll outrun your advances

Don’t try to catch me I’m far from your glances

My mind is a canyon

Watch me fly

As I tip off the edge

And descend.

My dive.

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Don’t know why

You would think I would lie ‘bout

Stormy Daniels;

She just gave me oral and manual.

A big mistake of mine.


First finger pie

And then I’d supply

Stormy Daniels

With a snorter or two of white granules;

A big mistake of mine.


She drained me dry

With kinky sex I would try with

Stormy Daniels,

Her sister and two cocker spaniels;

A big m...

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Also by John Coopey:


New Day

Before the time that life began

Perhaps the earth was still

No thunderous skies or crashing waves

No sound God's ear could fill

When life evolved, then so it was

First fins , then feet, then wings

Lumbering beasts that walked the earth 

To the voice of a whale as it sings

Man came along and walked out of the caves 

With a dream in his heart to fulfil

Believing all lif...

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Also by Yvonne Ugarte:

Injustice |

"Cry in Sorrow"

Broken and left in sorrow,
Through my tears I speak my fear for the morrow
Winding time back is the only relief
While this empty shell decays
And tears apart the last glimpse of life.

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My Favourite Song

The blackbird sings a most wonderful song . Wakes me early in the morning and I feel I Belong . Where ever I live or lay my head . With songs so profound . An amazing sound . A joy to listen to this welcome sound . My Birthdays near and they have watched over me . For all these years Singing their songs and keeping strong . A joyful sound my favourite Song .

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Movement Of Children In Care | A Race To Beat Them All | How We Vote | Mrs May | Aggression . | HUMANITY |


Deplorable, disgusting, 

Despotic, deceitful,

Devious dumbfuck.

Drew up and directed 

Deathly decisions,

Doubtlessly designed to

Dash down despair;

Down on the desperate,

Down on the destitute,

Down on the defenseless,

Down on the disabled.


Defective, degenerative, 

Dreadful disorders and

Decrepitude to you


Death by diseased dick


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Also by Marc Hawkins:




On a rubbish strewn corner of Middie
armed with secateurs bin bags and broom
Ros and Jan clear litter
for this years "Borough in Bloom"

Joined by enthused nearby residents
refreshed with biscuits and tea
continue their voluntary clean up
on behalf of you and me.

Uncovering an old rusting street sign
at the edge of the tidied plot
they thought.
It's a c...

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Also by ken eaton-dykes:


My! How time flies

a bipolar ode

the weather sucks today

the sun rose sultry grey


it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow

and i love the orange sun rays


and i hate the rain’s tears

on frosted window glass


smiling shy though the clouds,

shining bright blue sky between its teeth


trapping me in a black stone prison,

its suffocating grey walls


freeing me from misconceptions

made be...

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need help

I went to see a doctor today about my past and i think that it went well. But, that was not the only thing that i went to go and see him about. I went to talk about my feeling suicidal. I haven't mentioned it before because i didn't want anyone to know, but now that everyon knows i can say it. Don't worry though because i am getting help. Altho"ugh i don't like it when everyone is checking up on m...

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Also by Jade Riley:

my life | new day, new face |

The Summer of Love

Wandering through the sunlit trees

on grassy bluebell banks, brackened

by the unfurling of softly sensual shoots;

strolling in the tide turn rippling sea

as toes sift soft sea sand, silted

and lost to the advancing wave weft;

striding across bare barren felltop

on sheep shorn Spring sprung sod, surrounded 

by haze horizoned hills and hills and hills;

standing by the quie...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

My Sunset Haiku as a Sunset Englyn | The Forest Glade | A Silly Haiku | Process | The Artist [1] | Lovers | All the Years [revision] | All the Years |


My willow tree ?

Her wiggles and little kicks 

Are the best part of my day 

I hold my stomach and close my eyes 

And then I begin to pray 

I hope life treats her fairly 

I hope her heart is pure and warm 

I hope she understands 

The calm comes after the storm 

I hope she knows I’m right here

When life knocks her to the ground 

She’ll always be my princess 

Right now my hearts her o...

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Also by Charlotte Bergman:

Have you ever? | I’m Not the girl you think I am |


What we have

Is perfect.


In its imperfection.

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