The Summer of Love

Wandering through the sunlit trees

on grassy bluebell banks, brackened

by the unfurling of softly sensual shoots;

strolling in the tide turn rippling sea

as toes sift soft sea sand, silted

and lost to the advancing wave weft;

striding across bare barren felltop

on sheep shorn Spring sprung sod, surrounded 

by haze horizoned hills and hills and hills;

standing by the quiet low sun gold sky lake

as mayflies drink on fear fast flights, fishing

among the ripples in the burnished bronze sunpath;

drifting in each day's lost mind to reverie's rich recall

as clouds shade the present view, longingly looking

in my dappled dreams and mingled memories.


Wonderful was that time in summer

of summary surrender that stilled my soul, awed

by the transcendent passion of love's lease;

wonderful was that time of trust

of slow sweet lingering love, the joy

of each moment each owned:

together exploring the land

together walking the sand

together singing love from the hilltop

together watching water whisper

together the murmuring of love

together her lips and my lips, pledging

an eternity


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<Deleted User> (18980)

Fri 25th May 2018 16:41

Alliterations R us!

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