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Land of Opportunity.

What can I say I'm a little fucking jaded.
Must be stemming from the lies that you stated.

Yesterday's punks should've been today's politicians.
At least then to my generation they would listen.

You're killing our planet and bankrupting your people.
You leave us dying in a ditch and swear that we're equal.

Call me a millenial and I'll wear that shit with pride.
Please don't confuse me with the gen that's eating Tide.

We're not buying, no, you crashed the housing market.
I'll take my rental home and beat up truck, fuck it.

I work myself to death and bust my ass all fucking day.
Just to get my check and see the government gets paid.

I know there's taxes and I'll pay them when they're due,
But why am I paying so you can stuff your pockets too?

I'm not a Liberal and I'm not a Republican either,
I'm just tired of all the bullshit from these supposed church goers.

You pray to no God unless you're looking in the mirror.
You think so highly of yourself but should be drowned in a pool of ether.

You need to step back and see the damage that's been done.
You'll regret it all when earth is swallowed by the sun.

I don't mean to be so radical but it's starting to take a toll.
I'm sure I'm not the only one, in fact let's take a poll.

By a show of hands please raise them up high,
Put your middle fingers up in response to their lies.


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Sofia Urquiza

Wed 6th Jun 2018 00:25

Disagree on the "improving the situation"part though ?

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Sofia Urquiza

Wed 6th Jun 2018 00:23

I was going to ask the same Brian??

<Deleted User> (18980)

Tue 8th May 2018 15:31

Who exactly are you angry about Nick? Our society, our environment, our everything is caused by us, the people, who consume and breed at an unsustainable rate. Politicians only really tinker at the edges, and in fact if anything they do their best to improve the situation.

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