Drifting between sanity and the surreal, 
I hold on.
Feelings of exasperation, desperation.
I need an explanation! Am I really who I am?
Am I unknown or lauded?  Hold on.

A perilous journey through many years it seems,
highs, lows, pitfalls, cross roads
and dead ends, hold on.
Who is this imposter who I can’t break free of?
Why can’t I defeat it, beat it, complete it?
Hold on.

Holding on is all I can do, all I can remember.  
Even when on a roll I always suspect impending doom
will take its toll, why? 
Am I accustomed to that now?  Holding on?

They don’t know, nor have any inclination.
To them I may as well be a rock star scientist
I have to fight hard to keep up what seems like a facade,
an understatement that life is hard,
so I hold on

Holding on is my only strategy for avoiding and diverting
too much tragedy
Holding on is what I do, I wonder, is this the same for you?
Are you battling or feeling beaten?  Is all your strength depleted,
spent, as if you’ve eaten but are still hungry...
Hold on.

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