Seeking Joy

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At an unprogrammed Quaker meeting

The spirit moved someone

To remind us to find our Joy.


After, a friend said she would

Find joy in a nice boy toy.

Or maybe it was a toy boy.

She said one is a boy

You’d like as a toy

And the other is something

A boy would like to play with.


We giggled at that,

And I was reminded of a joke

About a party where everyone

Was feeling Joy

Until she got mad and left.


We can no longer joke

About violating Joy,

And I am not bothered,

But then I have a passing reverie,

And I imagine I married Joy.


We became known as

Randy and Joy,

And people made jokes like,

“When Joy feels Randy,

It brings him Joy.”


I sort of regret it never happened

Just for the chuckles we’d have.



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Martin Elder

Sun 27th May 2018 15:19

I remember you reading this the other day Randy. An excellent piece my friend
Nice one

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 26th May 2018 08:19

this subtly tickles the edges of several modern day dilemmas and raises a giggle or two along the way. Clever writing. Is there usually so much pent-up sexual tension at unprogrammed Quaker meetings? I've only ever had one brush with Quakers and that was at a funeral which was mainly silent except for a few people who stood up at random moments to say something nice about the deceased. Col.

<Deleted User> (18980)

Fri 25th May 2018 21:31

70's album by Kevin Ayers 'Joy of a Toy'.

Still sounds good over 40 years later.

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