I am a whisper rustling through the trees
I am the ripple of a pebble in a stream 
I am the ember of a funeral pyre
I am the guilt of forbidden desire
I am the rumble of distant thunder
I am the elusive winning number
I am the clown with a broken smile
I am the letter at the bottom of the pile
I am the words that will never be spoken
I am the promise that is sure to be broken
I am the water flowing down the gutter
I am a butterfly on its final flutter
I am the worst poker hand ever to be dealt
I am the snowman who is sure to melt

I am the dog always chasing its tail
I'm the wrongly accused who didn't get bail
I am the blood running through your veins
I am the poison with your mind in chains
I am the pain that will never heal
I am the demons that feel so real
I am the longing in your soul
I am the lust you can not control
I am fire disguised as need

I am wanting and I am greed

I am the dreams that you thought were lost
I am winning what ever the cost
I am the challenge that you must complete
I am the meal that you long to eat
I am darkness and I am light
I am the screaming in the night
I am the pill that is so bitter 
I am the loneliness of your bed sitter
I am all of the sad goodbyes
I am the one with a thousand lies
I am the book that you will never read
I am your future when it's time to breed.

funeral pyresforbidden desireswinning numberthunderbroken smilegutterdemonsbreed

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