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This Is The News


You know that there are statistics

waiting to be displayed

when a BBC reporter

stands to the left of a brick wall -

and when the report’s about finance

and they’re stood out in the rain,

you know they’re going to make a pun

about saving for a rainy day.


When did the news become a vehicle

for cheap shots and sound-bites?

Where young reporters wink, knowingly,

when they deliver the punch-line -

and just who the fuck

Is that screaming female

who shouts unanswered questions

to the visitors to Downing Street?


When it comes to statistics

who are we to believe

when both sides lose

yet both sides claim they won the day?

When some ‘expert’ in the field

of swings and roundabouts

tells us it is clear

that the figures don’t lie.


Why is weather newsworthy

above the plight of starving children

or a third world war in Syria

(when we’ve had enough of that)

I couldn’t give a toss

about Becky from Basingstoke

who took her kids to Margate

to get their pale bodies roasted.


This is the news.


above facts,


above honest truths.

A sugar coated

mash up

of the lies and the lying.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 9th May 2018 15:35

It seems likely that this "show-biz" style we are subjected
to nowadays has its basis in the need to fill the 24 hour
global news format that exists - and the media's love of
feeling somehow equal in public importance to the stories
they relate and the people (mainly politicians for the power
surge they generate and can feel part of) that they interview so aggressively.
My own gripe is the way we have to endure a totally separate studio set-up and presenter to tell us about
sporting items. WHY can't this be tacked on to the news
programme and save all the flummery and added expense?
BBC please note!

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Tue 8th May 2018 06:27

Ian very true loved your poem Wendy .

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Brian Maryon

Mon 7th May 2018 22:35're bang on the money!

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