When the devil drives

I’m going down to the river
With my wash day blues
I’m going to go to a nightclub
In a pair of dancing shoes
I’m going to make a banner saying
‘All lives matter here’
I’m going to scale the rock face
That has always been too sheer
I’m going to sail across oceans
To spread the words of peace
To point out we don’t own this Earth
We only have it on lease
I’m going to go to a bookstore
Because I still have much to learn
I’m going to take a photograph
Before all of the bridges burn
I’m going to stand on my soapbox
To bring people together as one
What are they even fighting for?
What reasons, I can see noneI’m going to drink more coffee
Because I don’t have time to sleep
I’m going to tell people
To do what is right
What you sow is what you reap
We should go back to the drawing board
To find out where we went wrong
But so many can’t see the fatal flaw
It’s been this way for so long
I’m going to take a train ride
I have to get out of this place
Just top prove the grass isn’t greener
That could be the coup de grace
This town is so multicultural
And it should always be that way
We should respect our neighboursAnd turn all the bigots away
I’m going to boycott the tabloids
They are filled with too many lies
I’m going to welcome the refugees
They wont bring about our demise
Its time to put all the hatred aside
Bring justice to blatant war crimes
Bring justice for lives that were taken
Those who died under the gun
But those who have so much blood on their hands
Are too smug to go on the runSo they are still not brought to justice
And living their wonderful lives
And I’m sorry if I strayed of topic
But life’s hard when the Devil drives.

All lives matterbannerbluesbookstoredancing shoesnightcluboceansriversoapbox

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