What Is Freedom?

Insidious, drip, drip, drip,
until normality
is life in a cage
of words and looks.
Like a dog that stands there docile,
the rope untied.

Some words do hurt,
do stick.
The most powerful,
worm into the mind,
unnoticed, unchallenged,
apparently innocuous,
sugar coated lies
on the nature of reality.

But a mind awakened
in the vast realms
of consciousness,
can no longer be seized,
for seeing true nature,
sees the rope,

© Janey Colbourne 2017



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Janey Colbourne

Fri 25th May 2018 06:59

Thank you Jon and Kishore

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Jon Stainsby

Thu 24th May 2018 21:01

I can relate to this. Thanks, Janey

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kishore karunik

Thu 24th May 2018 15:38


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