Part one

The leap from what appeared to be normal

was huge, but the change was as swift

as it was dramatic and rude.


Looking back sends a chill right down the spine, as you wonder how you reasoned

or justified the time, the actions, you’re maligned, blind,  Reasons to be fearful.


Part two

Sucked into a vortex of despair, a dangerous situation in which you become more and more aware, and can’t escape, too late, they violate, you contemplate the next move.


It seemed like the right thing to do

you, decided to go to the show

but then how were you to know

it would would all end in tears,

and the smell of fear would pervade?

Reasons to be fearful.


Part three

You didn’t chose to be there on that chair

The one where she sat and just spat

out her lies, causing pain, so you’d cry and then ask yourself why did it have to be so?

And you made no apology for having to go.


Fearful of the past, fearful for the future 

Fearful of time as it catches up with beauty

The fear of relationships and how they impose,

rules, sanctions, restrictions, well you chose... 


To be like this, that’s why you are tearful, as

the decisions you make cause the reasons

to be fearful.


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