I lost you

I lost you today

I understand you, but then again I do not. 
You led me back to a time last year
which I no longer remembered.
I made a mistake, which cannot be forgiven.
You hold these moments in your thoughts
thrashing around like a rollercoaster
until it derails and crashes head long into its target.

I know I am hesitant and full of doubt
but I had you fully in my heart.
If you were prepared to wait for me
we had our whole lives ahead of us,
but your uncertainty held sway
and I could no longer convince you of
my faithfulness and love for you

Now, we go our separate ways.
I have learnt so much from you
I hope you feel the same
Maybe, our minds will cross again some day
and we can remember what we had,
and look on each other with tenderness and loving.


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Jon Stainsby

Wed 23rd May 2018 07:53

Thank you, Anya. It was and is still tough. xx

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