Common Ground

Common Ground

All religions can be used or misused,
misconstrued or abused.
All religions may have their mystics,
moral believers, payers of lip service
and fundamentalist terrorists.

Interpretations are as varied as humanity.
Dogma is not exclusive to religion.
Even skeptics, atheists and scientists
are not immune. It’s a human frailty,
a vulnerability, born of the desire for certainty:
the fear of the unknown.
You build your walls of illusory security.

There are few certainties in life,
but one I do know: cut us open and
we’re all the same colour on the inside.
So wind your redneck in. Have some courage.
Open your fucking door,
and for the sake of any god you like,
shake hands with your neighbour.
You’ll find common ground.

©️ Janey Colbourne 2018



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Janey Colbourne

Sun 27th May 2018 09:41

Thanks Big Sal. Much appreciated.

Big Sal

Sat 26th May 2018 23:59

If it bleeds it can die, and we certainly all do bleed the same. Last stanza was particularly powerful, and very well put together. ?

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Janey Colbourne

Wed 23rd May 2018 15:38

Clearly it’s not that simple when you’re already in a war zone, as we all know. The slaughter of innocent people is astounding, sickening, terrifying brutality. But wars start when people refuse to see their neighbours’ humanity, and most wars end with a hand shake. Peace begins in the hearts of people. Any war anywhere in the world will not be solved by the remaining nations turning neighbour against neighbour in suspicion and paranoia, in seeing foreigners as ‘animals’, in finding scapegoats for our troubles, in innocent children washed up dead on shores of nations that turned them away. This is how war spreads like a plague. Peace be upon you.

<Deleted User> (18980)

Wed 23rd May 2018 14:22

Great advice Janey. I'll tell my friend David (Wolfgar) to spread the word next time he's in Gaza.

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