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Natural relation

Sunday, May 20, 2018

6:01 PM


I had a soft corner for animals

and loved them as an individual

they are loved by all the people

so is the gesture by the animals


I had loved dogs,

not as pets

but as the helpless creatures

and not at all sure of the existence


my animal love grew many folds

as my mother told

the baby dog had followed me up to the railway station

when I was about to board the rain after vacation 


I was feeling her with the milk daily

I saw the gratefulness in her eyes really 

what were they expecting from human beings?

only love, faithfulness, and kindness


when I came to know about her tragic end

I was compelled to send my  feelings

since then, I have made it rule

wherever I go or remain, it should be the daily routine


even today, I feed the street dogs

both times they come to me and sing a song

a song of gratefulness with satisfaction

I believe this as a natural relation


Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta


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