Significant and somewhat enigmatic

he always sat in his favourite armchair

wing backed, quite upright as he loathed cushions

He cut a dignified figure, well groomed

clothes carefully chosen, made to measure

forever in shirt and tie

A wardrobe of his generation in neat array

suits, flannels, blazers, sports jackets

and a varied assortment of ties

monogrammed handkerchiefs, with cufflinks

and shirts with detachable collars

Sturdy footwear black and brown only

oxford toe caps and brogues

He sat there in state

often oblivious to those around him


With pipe held firmly in his mouth

spectacles drooping slightly forward

he would read with the posture of a student

He detested television and called it

an insult to his intelligence

whilst mother watched endless SOAP operas

His books were of Shakespeare and Kipling

as he had a passion for poetry and prose

A E Houseman, Robert Service and others

neatly lined his bookcase, the standard bearers

of a world long since gone


He was a Tory, an ardent monarchist

despised socialism and had difficulty with God

His manners were impeccable 

a sense of humour second to none

He had fought the Japanese in Burma

and never changed his Rover 2000 for another model

He required all things to be in order

and possessed the attributes of a domestic tyrant

He was consistent, sensible and sharp witted


I can see him now, still hear his voice

I loathed him then but now have a love for him

as he generated respect

One always knew where one stood with him

Devoted to my mother, a strict overbearing father

who cosseted his garden and made his own powerful brew

I wish he were still here

as I would liked to have known him more

He died the day of his first pension payment

It was a life of duty and service

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keith jeffries

Sat 19th May 2018 15:42

Thanks as always for your kind comment.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 19th May 2018 09:02

you seem to have fitted pretty much everything in here Keith and it works well. The last couple of lines are a real kick in the gut. Good stuff. Hope you have a pleasant weekend. Col.

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keith jeffries

Fri 18th May 2018 23:40

Kevin, Brian and Martin,
thank you for your comments.

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Martin Elder

Fri 18th May 2018 22:47

You have painted a marvellous picture here Keith. I think I had a reasonable relationship with my Dad, however I always felt it could have been better and wished I had known him better and asked more questions of him at the time. But retrospect is a wonderful thing.
great poem
Nice one

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Brian Maryon

Thu 17th May 2018 23:33

Keith - a lovely portrait of the man...I can picture him in my mind from your description. Sadly not many of his ilk are around these days...dads want to be mates with their children, dressing like them, going to gigs and festivals, playing computer games etc. It doesn't do any good...their kids take advantage of them and laugh at them with their friends behind their back.

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