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The people's voice is not a choice

The people's voice is out of fear

But even then you'll start to hear

Our message loud and clear


Show them that we have no fear

Show them that we have a choice

Come down all come down rejoice

To that ever soothing voice

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The magic ceased before my eyes

She turned to stone, withered and died

The happy days they dissapeared

So sad and lonely she appears


My joyful days they have begun

I'll go about and have some fun

I won't forget the laughs we had

Its just too bad you look so sad

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Fools goldcoworker


Come back come back

My heart's under attack

Come soon, come soon

I want you to come soon

My abc's I do forget

Your little nose I want to pet

I do not know if its your body

I do not know if you're somebody's

Your playful ways I like them so

I do not want to be like snow

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The great decievers

Far and few see with their mind

And far less see it with their heart

Most of all see with their eyes


It's more than one but even then

You cannot see until the end

Our very will begins to bend


That which we see is not the truth

Can you not see the very prove?

That which is in front of you


The very thing we see is a lie

But worry not, its for you and I

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Strong stay strong

You do belong

Now come along

And sing a song

A happy one

That's full of glee

Not just for you

But you and me

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It's what I do

I sit and stare

But do not dare

She is so fair

Look at her hair

It was a sunset

And now an ocean

I wish I'd show her some devotion

Let us entangle and start motion

Is there no courage left to spare?

Answer now don't do it later

For if you do you'll grow to hate her

And so it is with great regret

I sleep alone in this bed

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