Happy Ramadan

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Happy Ramadan

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

6:37 AM


It is the start of the holy month 

I feel the energy with strength 

when I look at the sky 

I think of the divinity and can't stop thinking, why?


why have an almighty sent us on the earth?

I take the breath inside and ponder

is that not called divine wonder?

who, in all the respects, offers us blessed life?


I may go all out for sincere prayers

and wish the entire universe 

to undergo no sufferings

caused by the human beings


why do I call it as the holiest of the holy month?

how many people may observe the fast 

with sincere intention and devotion?

I bow my head and wish for the preservation of the energy


when you are surrendering God

believe me that you are not only leaving food 

but shedding away the ill desire 

I sincerely pray for it and admire


the last ceremony tells it all 

it is the charity call 

that is intended for poor and needy 

this is the greatest sacrifice that is wanted by an almighty


Hasmukh Amathalal


From <https://www.facebook.com/>


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