Come what may

When they closed down my favourite record store
I shed a little tear
I used to buy my vinyl
With my pocket money here
Slowly all my childhood
Has been ripped out of this town
The bulldozers are coming in
My memories falling down
The bar where I drank my first beer
And floated in the stratosphere 
It’s now a store sells fancy goods
And smelly things and bath time suds
The sports shop where I bought my cue
For playing pool and snooker too
Is now an empty vacant shell

Graffiti covered hard to sell 

The place I used to buy my shirts

What's happening to my town sure hurts
The market now is dank and cold
And all the stalls they look so old

They keep on bumping up the rent

Throughout the town the same lament

The news agents has gone away

They had too many bills to pay

I used to buy my smash hits there 

Now you can’t buy that anywhere
The times are changing way to fast
The void from boy to man so vast
And where did all those years go
And just what do I have to show
Because next year I will be fifty
And wish that I had been more thrifty
Should have saved for rainy days
Damn my procrastinating ways
If I'd have known the road ahead
Had obstacles to fill with dread
Even the strongest bravest soul
Would find it hard to reach a goal
But hand on heart it’s fair to say
I’ve reached this mile stone
Come what may


Record storeclosed downhigh street

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Sat 26th May 2018 00:04

Clever rhyme of a changing time,well done.

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Andrew Mark Bedell

Fri 25th May 2018 15:13

Thank you for the nice feedback and comments.

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 25th May 2018 14:29

Enjoyable in a number of ways - not least for the welcome
use of rhyme to tell an all too recognisable tale of our times.
But all things change, I guess, and it's only when achieving
certain milestones in life that we really begin to see how
much has been lost from our previous lives, not always for
the better, it has to be said. Progress is a "partially
favoured" thing!

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