Heart and Mind

Heart and Mind


My heart and mind rotate in different spheres

sometimes in conflict as the pragmatic mind

offends the sensitivity of the all embracing heart

Both compose an integral part of my being


One imagines love the other tempers desire

a heart of optimism twinned with a mindful of cares

A fanciful traveller whose boundaries are brought to bear

each one responds but seldom do they collide


My heart aches, rejoices and sheds tears

the mind remains firmly in control

Like the scales of justice, seldom of equal measure

yet they tolerate one another in a mutual bond


A reed which gently sways in the wind of the mind

the rock is the refuge of timely reality

Both are lovers, incompatible and sincere

each with its will and purpose in my life

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Martin Elder

Fri 18th May 2018 22:43

'a fanciful traveller whose boundaries are brought to bear'

there are some wonderful lines here Keith. Love the whole poem.

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