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The speed of light is considerably faster than the speed of sound

That's just one of nature's great mystique

So when you meet a person who appears to be bright

Wait until they actually speak

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Also by Joe Marcello:


April 2020 Walpurgisnacht Collage Poem

entry picture

Overtaken by cyclists heading into sunrise in your dreams  

Broke grains on Monday, counting red angels

Drunk on darkness smiling on the shadows

A phone call only a shadow away from your fingertips

We are the survivors stunned, in Stockport

Digging deeper, reflective

Talking to the walls

Church bells toll for every day without a death

We are the poets leaving our words open...

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Also by Stockport WoL:

April 2020 Lockdown Collage Poem | March Lockdown Collage Poem |

Collage PoemStockport Write Out LoudWalpurgisnacht

The Free-Spirit

entry picture

I'm heading out now,
not sure what
time I'll be back. 

I might decide
to visit someone who
I haven't seen in a while
Or take a trip
to somewhere
I've never been before. 

I'll be back
but I'm not
sure when yet.
I might go walking and
bump into someone
and then
start talking. 

We might end up
going for a drink or two.
Who knows what will
happen when I walk
out that door? 


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Also by Emer Ní Chorra:

Theresa's Garden | You | Slippy lust | Womb an | Lessons in Love | Wounded | Show me the way to go home |


Wrapped in protection, only the barely audible kisses of rain onto the leaves outside break the silence.

My trembling hands tracing the intricate works of art that map your body.

The demons who inhabit my mind rendered mute, their taunts and jeers a fading memory.

My soul feels complete, I am home.

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When the Goldfinches come,

heads looking like they’ve all

been dunked in beetroot juice,

and gold markings on their wings.

That’s when my heart sings out

them as they poke around for micro

nutrients on the ground, the ants


Those flighty ones seem to be giving

the swift moving bugs rather

a difficult time of it as they dart

hither and thither, as if putting o...

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Also by Philipos:


Hetaclitus the Obscure

entry picture

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher born in 544 B.C. said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."



Heraclitus, my friend, I know you've been gone

For two and a half thousand years but we are of one mind:

Sceptical, Seeking, Secular.

On a road through Physics and Mathematics

To a Singularity of belief

Foretold in th...

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Also by John E Marks:

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Yet Untold

Grind the wheat upon the stone that we may bake the masters bread,

Bind the feet to shape the bone and lay down in the masters bed,
It’s a cold hard trope to grip the throat and stop the screaming,
And a bold heart’s hope could slip its rope and drift if it just stops believing,
Hold hard to the seamless, senseless dreams of yesterday,
Cold hearts cannot seem to dream those dreams again tod...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

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When life leads you a not so merry dance

As a partner of passing circumstance,

Step out to meet its fitful tune

With hope and you will find that soon

The dance will change - and you will too -

So keep in step and follow through.

Until the not so merry dance

Comes to an end and life will chance

To change its tune and see your feet

Skip readily to a happier beat.. 


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Also by M.C. Newberry:

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You’re standing still at the top of a hill, the breeze gradually increasing, staring intently at he picturesque view of the voracious desert terrain that could ultimately devour you with a single touch. the breeze has been blowing, constantly blowing for many months, you forget what it was like to have still, calm air around you. But the breeze is picking up, you start shaking, not because of the ...

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Also by f8:

complications |


Workin' On It---A Poem by O.L. Buzzerd


When you are retired

and don't have no clock to punch

no deadline to meet

no threat hangin' over your head

it is so easy to come up with an excuse

for puttin' things off


why screw up your whole day

doing somethin'

when you can just do nothin' instead


and yet I was raised

to always be doin' somethin'

idleness is the devil's workshop

they used to sa...

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Also by d.knape:

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The Lodger

entry picture

The Lodger


We let him in

And he stayed


He had been pleading

Out there

Wanting somewhere to stay


At first we thought he was just like all the others

Some fly-by-night who would be here then gone


But no

He wanted to hang around


He was everywhere

Into everything

He made us change our daily routine

He was probably in the kitchen (and we w...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

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covid 19day 30fearin houseinfectionlodgernapowrimo2020returnsecond spikewarning

We Must Be Fair To Belinda

Like small children divorces are messy

Legal fees only add to the frustration

But perhaps the hardest thing of all

Is coping with an ex-partner's indignation


It's not easy but we must be fair to Belinda

She gave me the best years of her life

After all she is the mother of my kids

She was, all in all, a half-decent wife


Of course dear, you are my partner now


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breaking the law

Breaking the law


I have been watching programs on the telly

the same ones many times as I tend to forget the ending

that never make sense, and I blame the producers

Who has changed the script during filming?

I see much TV now that I have to sit in it’s so boring

I fall asleep except when there is a western movie

preferable in black& white where they do a lot of shooting


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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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Corrigendum : Blue Scarf Yellow Suit

It was actually green and I hadn’t any clue

I penned down lines thinking it’s blue

Stanza after stanza inspired by the subject

Perhaps I was mesmerized, perhaps it’s true.


The subject threw light on my thoughts

And I weaved praise of all sorts.

There was a gush of guilt within me then,

While my poem had topped the charts.


Reception wrong yet the lines made some se...

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Also by ai ou:

नीला दुपट्टा पीला सूट (Blue Scarf Yellow Suit) | Stay Alive! | Omen or Intuition? | Answer To Your Cries... Moon Girl! | Dear Goddess, Mercy! | खुदाया खैर! खुदाया खैर! (Hindi) | I Am Not The Only One | Moon.Girl! | She is... She is... A Plastic Doll |

#angelbeautiful woman

Love in the Principal's Class

entry picture



Bae, its Principal’s lecture,

Lets not make a single gesture.

Unlike others*, here we are not free,

And crazy as we used to be.

Bae, so don’t feel sad,

I’m always with you like your dad.


The weather became cold,

As it starts raining bold,

And by the same cause,

The class was paused.


And now we got the chance

To share smil...

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Lovelove behind barslovepoemslunaticrelationshipschool love

NPMA: April 29th

I can't remember if I wrote about the pebbles

I think I did before

In the driveway 

Staring at the rocks

Why wouldn't I?

So pretty in the light

We were so fascinated

By the figs' white blood

Left the gate open

What have I done?

One shame at a time

Let go

Glide down the creek

To the swamp and sink

And years will dry

And some will weep

And rot will gro...

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Ode to those who Care

There is something about the selfless people

whose life perspective

is aligned to the weak and feeble

It's almost as if they can feel the pain

and see the strain of those to whom

they empathise yet not just sympathise 

Being careful not to make routine

their angelic and compassionate deeds

They choose not recognition

but to go unseen, quietly carrying on.

Sometimes un...

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Also by Rick Varden:

LOCKDOWN! | Vicious Cycle | The Fear |

Room for creamer

Eyes gone dull, receding into comatose
Fingers full of dirt and hope, spinning sunflower
Power and lack thereof, the perception of those above looking down at the masses
These clashes seem to me, a supply chain theory, I want what you got, bombs pour out
Military industrial ore, we pour out the lifeblood of our children for soil
Foil snake, famished toil, napalm boils your tea
Three, one two...

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

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Counting Crazy Lovers

entry picture

My first lover fast and wild

Went and robbed herself a liquor store as a child

I met her after her ways with a gun

She didn’t need no bullets to make me dance none... son


My second lover loved the Grateful Dead

She had stars in her eyes, acid in her head

She danced to music like a woman possessed

Feet firmly in the clouds and dancing breasts

Yet I digress



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Also by Michael Triandafils:

Don't Leave your Discrimination with your shoes by the Door | Sad Poem | Monsters | What the Times did not Say | Ghost Eye |

The new normal

Piled high in your fridge, happiness abounds;

Open up the chill, imagine sights and sounds:

A lightly oiled couple, crisply tanned,

Lie ready and impatient on the sand.

He looks like Mister Universe;

The cash is bulging in her purse,

And no one thinks it is perverse

That honest, sweaty fun's at hand,

For them and for you;

You can have it too.

Take it out,

Thaw it o...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Desert Island | Moon River |


And i tried to listen to you
The more I listened I fooled you
You dont really get what i mean

And the words coming out of your mouth
All dirty ragged and worned out
Wont really get you to my Jean's

With a Word you locked my vision
Suddenly apeared division
Betwen whats real and what had seemed

You dont have to try hard baby
What was once there has sailed away
But I'm finally on my feet

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BBQ vodka (04/29/2020)

cues caught in smoke 
swallowed iron, made malleable 
by the heavy forkes tongues
of embellished pleasantries. 

in the coals, we pray 
to find our best selves 
And thru temperance 
make them better. 

ride, pale horses, ride 
ride wretched and clean 
vein-sewn with pride : 
a vanity too large 
to seek the the small and deep fissures
wherein lies the livelihood of 
us: sooten worsh...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

tide pod (04/25/2020) | (untitled) |

Apocalypsemelrakkino gods no mastersTyrvitar

Mammogram Blues

I went for a mammogram the other day

not cause me boobs were sore

It's just routine they said

Just to be sure.

 So I went to the screening unit

And saw this big machine

Nurse said strip tut waist love

Don't worry it's nice and clean

She plonked me boob on a cold plate

It fair made me shiver

This machine started to descend

And me knees started to dither

Well! it ...

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Also by Hazel Connelly:

Every day is Sunday |


Have I became a phantom
Fading from your mind
Or is my heart not tied in right
Check under your cabinets
I'm just a phantom

I feel so ignorant for loving you
When I knew you were just hurt me again
I know this is stupid of me
I was really hoping that you could just love me

Was is it that I can't be important to anyone
Do you get it yet?
I blame myself for everything
I beat myself u...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Goodbye | She Was My Only | The Outcasts | Escaping | Close | Glass | What The Hell | Cherry Blossoms | April | 1-800-273-8255 | Love/Wait | Love |


She came to the city, left the farmland behind

Eighteen years old, excited to find

A life so much different to the one she had left

Not knowing that soon, she'd leave her family bereft


Into the night scene, she found a place

Where she could be she but at a price

Swiftly the attention of those with intentions

Was drawn to the beautiful, naive Natasha


Soon she was p...

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Also by Grace Poller:

Corona - The Homeless Man |


entry picture

Didn't recognise who the smile came from

remembering the chrysalis child.

Metal entwined teeth, tangled hair,

a nose too large for a little face,

unhappy self-doubting eyes,

the too tall insecurity and gawkiness.

Now suddenly transformed into a butterfly,

blessed with gazelle-like grace

glowing skin, shining tresses, sparkling eyes.

The drastic effect of the hated metal


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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Doing it Gingerly |

I am high on your Love!

I am high on your love

My love for you has reached to the madness, the each passing day

Your warm touch and love-filled eyes have stolen my days & nights

I love you as deep as the sea and as high to the moon


You will never know how much I love you

It couldn’t be explained in words how much I adore you

Your sweet smile sparkles my life like a fluorescent moon in the sky


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A canvas was given to do with as you like
An empty page given for you to behold your insight
To lay down your visions and secret desires
Only to him to be revealed

The canvas before one’s eyes
Empty was it received
Endless possibilities, not set in stone
Many came and left their marks
Some everlasting beauty while others stains

Many fingers but not the same hand
Some gentle while oth...

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Also by Mocosy:

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The Fairy’s Tale


There is a place 

Where the stories 

are real

And their tellers 

Are not 

Where the dreamers

Lay awake 

And the lovers 

Wrap and unwrap 

Like beautifully crumpled 

Unwanted presents

Where people 

can fly

And animals 

can talk 

Where the flowers and trees 


At the loss of their leaves 

And the snapping of 

Their branches 

Where th...

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Also by Twilbury Wist:

Bubbles of speech | These times |


entry picture

Your Roman pilum ranks alongside the English longbow as one of the great weapons of warfare.  At school, in Latin, we translated it as “spear”, which does it about as much justice as calling Beethoven a “pub turn”.
It was around 6’ long, the heavier shaft accounting for 4’, with a narrower spike of around 2’ at the business end.  The tip of the blade had a pyramidical point.  As a killing machine...

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Also by John Coopey:


Thoughts in Times of a Pandemic

Here I find myself thinking about what I have always said: human beings are fragile and things can and will change in a blink of an eye.

As if things were not complicated enough in our beaten-up world; the terrible and endless civil war in Syria, the provocative bravado of North Korea, the continuous fights and rants of Trump with allies and adversaries, Putin's permanent interference in everyt...

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Also by Noris Roberts:

Without saying anything | Like abandoned papers... |



Fall in here
into this room
into this life
into this home
like a golden leaf
floating through the window
on a warm summer breeze

A gentle push
that changes your way
and brings you
to me

I´m waiting for you

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Also by Liam Osaneo:

Lie | Spring | real | You | Cold | Go away |



I fell in love with music again today,

so hard when life gets in the way. 

My dedication was no sacrifice

I took my own advice

sat down to let it flow

down from that upper region

to the hands that know

where age suddenly falls away

and I fell in love with music again today. 

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Also by ray pool:


To you, who gave everything...

entry picture

To you, who gave everything…

To you, with your empty words,
hollow promises and lies
To you, who ignored simple orders
to stay at home, just stay inside
To you, who scam the vulnerable
exploiting their struggle and plight
And to you, the perpetrators of abuse
the fear you create, is all we despise

You gave nothing, absolutely nothing 
In our darkest hours, this tragic time

But to ...

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Also by Jeffarama!:

God, grant me the serenity |

Talking to myself

I’m so alone

Está llorando,

No sé cuando terminará.

Si supiera:

Podría ayudarnos.

Estoy tan sola.

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Also by Sophie:

Norma’s genes are not human | Buried alive |

It will take time to clear the mess.

The moon stirs anger in the sea.

Gale force winds gust with menace.

Together they whip up colossal waves,

wrecking the ancient sea defences.


Harbour is a boiling couldron,

fuelled by horizontal rain.

Boats are torn from their safe moorings,

and are reduced to fragments.


Rapid rivers leap over their banks,

uprooting trees in a rage,

transforming land into ins...

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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

Prayer for the safety of the old man | Natures healing powers | Life long friendship | Incarcerated indefinately | Noise isn't always intrusive | The Bridge Grandmaster | Service only fit for a mother | Eureka | Haiku | Walking in your foot steps | Not any different | Haiku | Haiku | Haiku | It were nowt but a dream | Thank god for a welcome companion | Picture of hope and dream | What's it called? |

Damned love

Damned love

I wonder if you think of me

the way I used to think of you

in that youthful glimmer

of sequined untainted hope

I wonder if you dream of me

the way I used to dream of you

lying in love-soaked sheets

charged with electric sweat

I wonder if you search for faces

the way I used to search for faces

desperate glimpses in a lonely crowd

singling out similar ...

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Also by Rachel Moore:

Love Hope. - inspired by a line in Roisin Kelly's poem Easter | Today |

The plight of the homeless hospitality workers sacked

A surge of unemployed restaurant workers are sent,

Onto the streets of London, unable to pay their rent.

Trafalgar Square at night is silent and empty.

But for the homeless rough sleepers, there aplenty.


Hundreds of tents and cardboard box encampments appearing,

Life under lockdown hundreds of catering jobs disappearing. 

The city day centres have closed ,no place to wash or...

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Also by hugh:

The tooth will out | The determination of a mother | The virus is sweeping through care homes at an alarming rate | Coronavirus the carehome curse | A delve into the mind of a burglar during the coronavirus crisis | Teenagers | Appendicitis | Avoid eating birds !!! | Sammy the spider | Do something now You are the Boss | The disease detectives must tackle the storm | Coronavirus ,I hope we never get it. |

The Get-away Girl

In our home with three sisters privacy was unknown.

Sometimes I craved solitude and quiet to read a book!

I had bolt holes.


There was always crawling under a bed quilt.

But that was glaringly obvious, stuffy and dim.

And the blanket pulled on my hair.


A roomy closet with a flash light wasn't bad.

But awkward balancing the book and the torch

And turning pages with ...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Political Science | Art or Action | Spring Canopy and Other Thoughts | Magpie in the Morning | The Dentist #2 | The Young Minister | Sky Watcher | Jack Knives! | Confrontation |


Away from the crowd and rays of the sun
are the moments I cherish the most,
It is when, your wisdom
outbreaks from the dam of your lips,
which usually gurgles teases, jokes and laughter
(not intended for me, of course not)

you voice your
dreams and aspirations
painting a rainbow
on the dark night's sky,
and somewhere else aswell...

as well as your insecurities
in a sober expression...

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Also by Miyurangi:

What COVID-19 taught me |


Losing to Win

I lost you the moment I won you,
Coz you are not ME,
You belong to yourself,
You think like yourself,
You speak like yourself,
You sing like yourself,
You dance like yourself,
You laugh like yourself,
You cry like yourself,
You live for yourself…
You are not mine…
For me, it’s fine…
Coz I love to stay with you,
Battle of opinions, I love to play with you…
Why twinning every time?

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Also by Raavi Patel:



paint and brush

Most authentic,

Besides graces,

People don't see it.


I guess it's to be expected,

It's unheard of,

I suppose.


But it's true besides the graceless wonder,

That the best miss eyes of masses,

Humility in wonder.


Sometimes I dream,

I often don't,

But the feathers fall all the same.


Between grated fingers,

I mean,

It's as I wish.



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Also by Alita Moore:

Jittery | meaningless | You didn't notice | 'Effort' | Melancholy, short story (written a long time ago) | An Explanation | Untapped Potential | Frozen | A Glimpse of Happiness |


I see the beauty of the world.

The wonder of life.

The freedom in youth and the joy of a dream and purpose fulfilled.

I see beauty in the rewards of hard work and dedication.

The delicacy of it all.

I see people not realizing how fragile it all is and how it could disappear in the blink of an eye.

Idling away and carelessly going through their days.

I also see pain, suffering,...

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The Killer

The Killer

Like a vampire in the night
He brought an unseen fight 
A killer so silent
Yet so terribly violent

He's power, bending presidents to his will
Whole countries brought to a standstill 
China came first
But this did not quench his thirst

Millions got infected
Even the highly protected
Everyone was in danger
From this unwelcome stranger

In his eyes, we are equal all the same

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i think you’re smart
i think a lot of things, actually.
i think if i could ever win your heart
but i think that’s silly.
we’re friends, aren’t we?
friends don’t love each other.
that’s how you see me,
as a friend and not a lover.
and that’s all you’ll ever see
and i can’t change that.
you stung me like a bee
like a pain through the heart.
all of this because
i think you’re charming, w...

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Also by Lucas Esemplare:

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She Said

She said she had something to tell me.

She looked very serious, a bit grim.

We had been good friends, quite a while, a couple of years.

We were from different cultures,

She American, me English.

And sometimes we clashed on things.

We were able to speak our minds,

Feminists in our own way.

Attending meetings, reading books,

A bit of writng . . . 

Plenty of study, disc...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

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jacked up i get
when feeling paaionate
say i'm extra
i answer you bet
as you can see
hasn't stopped me yet
each new dawn
gotta verse for my song
trail blazers on
time to get along
seize the day with lust
boots kickin up dust
not a second to waste
too much life to taste
forget apathy
gotta express me
yes i get excited
when i'm delighted
laugh and sing

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS3 by cindy lee loucks


Revere these emotions
They are monastic
Pared back, simplified
Unworthy of attention
More offering than expression
This state of being borne of
Suffering, discipline
Of learning to love the simple things
Wrung from the body by
A busy mind 
It needed quelling
Segregating from the wider world
Shall I honour them with prayer?
Self flagellation? Refle...

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Chuck Berry's Ding-A-Ling

entry picture

Halfway through the year I knew

I wouldn’t make the grade.

A freezing night in ’72,

the time of Bloody Sunday.

Tension in Coventry.

But rock and roll

can save your soul.

Johnny B Goode,

lift me from my misery.


I had nowhere else to go.

The duck walk, Nadine, Carol,

Maybelline, and that novelty

song that must have

eaten half the set.

The wolfish grin,


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Also by Greg Freeman:

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