Don't Mind Me


I wanted to donate

my brain to science

but they adamantly refused

to accept it

saying it was only

a mediocre mind at best

and not worth the expense

of a glass jar

not to mention the time

and manpower that would have

to be spent trying to find out

why it malfunctioned

they said it could possibly be used

for comparison to mice minds

which also are tiny

and only think of food

a mind like that is not worth anything

and so they took a pass

why fool with my mind

when there are so many mice?



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M.C. Newberry

Thu 2nd Apr 2020 18:35

Of Mice and Men(tal)?
Brain-teaser or no-brainer? Take your pick.😊

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Thu 2nd Apr 2020 17:07

Dear Mr. Knape

Following on from our last letter I am pleased to inform you that a certain amoeba has requested you a host. As you know no virus can duplicate itself outside another cell. They can not reproduce without a host.

A certain Mr. Cyanobacteria prokaryotic has requested that upon your demise he would be willing to devolve to allow (In his words a fusion) with your little grey cell (singular).

I am sure that this will uplift your spirit from your disappointment after our initial correspondence.

Kindest regards

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