Political Science

Generally, all Sciences seek the ultimate good

For the Individual.

But Political Science seeks the ultimate 'goodness' goal

For the Community above that of the Individual.

Subject to much opinion, throughout civilised history.


In 'crowd management', control is the greatest factor,

Preferably with co-operation and not coercion.

In a 'co-operative' society opinions push their points

Until persuasion reigns or opposition bullies

To a particular conclusion.

Government is a tough, thankless business.


I suppose, then, that a dictatorship

Could claim the best mores of political science,

Putting Society first.

Except it tends to be according to 'My Opinion' only

Backed by armed force.

It is not impossible that a singular stance

Could be outstanding in its social concept.

Just not likely.

'Power corrupts' we are told sagely,

And History supports.

'And Total Power corrupts totally'.

As History proves.


Is that really a truism?

Or just a truism thus far

In human evolution?


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Hannah Collins

Mon 27th Apr 2020 18:11

This is fascinating writing. Very relevant to what is happening with governments and science and the Virus.
It calls into play the ideas of forcing things onto people 'for their own good' among other things.
Enjoyed reading this.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 27th Apr 2020 17:36

It was finding that 'folder', like a Pandora's Box! These are just 'musings' as I am browsing through some old, battered books. And loving it!

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