Omen or Intuition?

Woke up half way through the dream

Thoughts partly playing a song

I wonder what had gone wrong...

Omen or intuition did make its way

Is she suffering so deep?

Wish she could open her heart!

But alas! I'm not the one she can confide in.


In such a different exasperation

I wanted to access her and ask...

But how will she see my reaching out to her,

That shouldn't be seen yet another treason.

Holding the nerves of mine tight,

I texted her and sought...

She said she was alright and momentarily I also bought.


No common threads are there, no strings attached...

We are simply far off just like two familiar strangers.

No telepathy of sorts yet why do I feel...

Why does the restlessness creep,

Why does the chill run down my spine?

These are the questions I ask myself...

But there is no reverberation and my inner voice falls dead.


The thoughts vanished like mist when the sun blooms over the hills on a cold winter day. I tried my best to add lines to the poem but they didn't match the rhythm and I am unfortunate that I couldn't complete it. It rests when it was actually to flow. Did the thought vanish because it's my destiny not to flourish... And if it's so I have to accept it. Status quo shall sustain.


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Sun 26th Apr 2020 02:38

Beautifully expressed!! If your muse returns to complete the last few stanzas, I advise still do it, will complete it in all measures.


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