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When we are fast asleep...
In the world of dreams deep,
Do you descend on earth?
To see what kind of dreams we peep.

You don't seem to be an alien but
We often keep our brains shut.
With such a beautiful mind,
O Moon.Girl! That's a feeling from my gut.

We are mere idols of sand and dust
Without compassion but filled with greed n lust
The ripples run through our conscience
Rather than being happy we push our own thrust.

O Moon.Girl! Wish you bless us indeed
Wish when you descend you sprinkle the seed
That germinates into a crop beautiful...
Fruits borne thereof shall bring pursuits freed.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 6th Apr 2020 21:42

Dreamland - a place that defies the imagination and yet is endlessly
bound up in it. The other morning, just prior to waking, I dreamed
of meeting a pub pal of years ago, long dead - in some unfamiliar
bar setting. We embraced as old friends would after a long absence
and the dream moved on to other images as I woke up. The word
"reality" takes on shades of meaning as the force of life carries us
along. Such happenings attend us at the most unexpected times;
in this instance without any prior recent thought of the friend, or the
pub where we would enjoy a late evening pint and a chat four
decades ago.

<Deleted User> (24283)

Mon 6th Apr 2020 10:53

Magically beautiful!!🌷

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