I Lean Towards The Light

To say, “I am a good man,” would be misleading,
But equally, “A bad man,” would also not be right,
The truth is on balance I’m left conceding,
That in a world of cruelty, I lean towards the light,
To say, “I am a wise man,” would be a conceit,
To say, “Then I’m a fool,” left without insight,
Would deny the truth and so I must repeat,
In a world full of darkness, I lean towards the light,
To say that, “’I’m a strong man” would be to hide my weakness,
But don’t make the assumption that I’m too weak to fight,
For hidden ‘neath this surface of humble meekness,
Is the darkest of all shadows, but it leans towards the light. 


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Jason Bayliss

Fri 10th Apr 2020 10:25

Thank you both so much, I enjoyed this one. It was prompted by a question about my late Father. We all have the capacity for incredible darkness within us, but thankfully, generally, we all lean towards the light.

J. x

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Fri 10th Apr 2020 00:57

Last four lines sums it all.....more strength and power to you!! Strong write.💕

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Don Matthews

Fri 10th Apr 2020 00:29

So good Jason....

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