Strictly Bin Dancing

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Strictly Bin Dancing


[People are dressing up in ball gowns and tiaras to take their bins out

An Australian woman has started a new trend online during the coronavirus lockdown, which sees people dressing up in extravagant outfits to put their rubbish out – source: Mirror 4/4/20]


She waltzes across the patio

In her Christian Dior-like dress

She’s picked up the rubbish in elbow length gloves

And quickly deposited the mess

In a wheelie bin partner who keeps with her step

In her mind all she hear is the encouragement

Ringing loudly from Claudia and Tess


She’s the queen of suburbia

In this moment of glamour

Her tiara shines bright in her hair

She will dance the foxtrot with Tuesday’s green bin

With neither embarrassment nor a care

For what neighbours may think as they sit in their homes

Self-isolating in their cheap Asda wear


In her head she can hear

The swelling of strings

As she swoops in a garbage ridden embrace

Potato peelings lodge in her pearls

But she still keeps a smile on her face

Parts of the bush that she cut down this morning

Get lodged in her satins and lace


With a dramatic flourish

She lets go of his handle

Out of breath and her knees feel so weak

They have danced on in silence

Until this time to part when she chooses to speak

“Thank you for this moment of pleasure my dear

Same time and same place next week?”

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Abdul Ahmad

Wed 8th Apr 2020 14:21


A delightful vignette. Made more dramatic by the absence of music. It would have distracted the attention from the essentially visual spectacle.


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