Spring Canopy and Other Thoughts

The canopy thickens.

The great trees once again

Are 'home' for the birds and squirrels,

Their privacy screened from prying eyes.

The spreading boughs are beautiful,

But I do miss their naked eccentricity

And visibility of the small creatures.


Ah, Spring!

These animals struggle through the same cycle

We all share:

Mating – birthing – rearing – and feeding.

Always feeding.


I wonder if 'rest' is a non-idea to other animals.

Sometimes it seems that way even to us humans,

Especially to those with children.

And even more so, in these difficult days,

With young children in LOCKDOWN!

A non-stop trial hour after hour,

Making or breaking 'Character'

Of either the grown-up or the child.

Or both.


'Strength' is an amazing word,

Totally personal in crisis.

Create your own criteria as you are able

And keep it constantly before you,

Like a beacon.

It's a 'trust' thing,

And it is yourself you are trusting.

Really, rather wonderful.

Like the trees and the small animals

And Spring.

Cynthia Buell Thomas, April 2020












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keith jeffries

Thu 23rd Apr 2020 19:48


Thank you for this remarkable poem of observation and comparison. My mind was drawn to three hedgehogs I see every night when I walk the dogs in an adjacent field. I ponder on their lives, how they live, eat, care for their young and whether their emotions are as our own. This is a special poem and thank you for it.


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Hannah Collins

Thu 23rd Apr 2020 17:49

Love this poem.
Nature never stops, even in January I saw the beginnings of tiny buds on a tree.
The birds are beautiful and reassuring and the dear squirrels.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 23rd Apr 2020 15:00

I have so many 'things' I could be doing, maybe should be doing. But I'm not. And that's that. Maybe tomorrow.

SNOOKER of yesteryear is great viewing.

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