Painting By Numbers

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Painting By Numbers


Poetry is cascading water

Flowing upwards to the sky

It looks like silver fishes swimming

Feels hot or cold or lukewarm

I hear it flowing

Smell its sweetness on the thunderstorm

As threatening as Oswald in a Texas bookstore

Sometimes as sour as storm

I am not painting by numbers

I am just blathering

I feel the words soil my creativeness

But many a mickle makes a muckle

Silly stones of sadness

A gaudy rainbow of monochrome

I gather these raindrops in a sieve of razorblades

“Oh, look at him the butcher of meaning

Who will hack your pretty sentences apart”

A knife of soothing stabs

Murdering the closeted little darlings with love

“C’est la Vie”

The pen squawks as it runs away

The heavens fill with words from the ground

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Ian Whiteley

Mon 6th Apr 2020 14:42

Thanx Vautaw - glad you like it - it wasn't one of my favourite prompts and I was taking the piss out of the exercise to be honest - but it turned out alright - so ended up being worthwhile 😃
Thanks to everyone who 'liked' it 😃

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Sun 5th Apr 2020 16:09

"A knife of soothing stabs"... hardly a waste of time, more like a lyrical rain dance over a parched planet. So creative. Sparks our imagination. Thanks for sharing Ian. Love it! ❤

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