Thirteen Minutes From Home

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Thirteen Minutes From Home


I was thirteen minutes from home

On a warm April day

Bumping my way through a crowd

The future a lifetime away

There were cars revving their engines

As they crawled along the street

kids were playing in gardens

And getting under everyone’s feet


Just for a second I paused

As I turned into Pandemic Close

As the noise fell away like a corpse

And the postman turned into a ghost

The cars all ground to a halt

The planes fell out of the sky

The children screamed to be let out

An old man started to cry


I was overtaken with guilt

That I would prefer it that way

Empty streets and less people and traffic

To ruin a clear spring day

I breathed in the cool clear air

I listened to birds in the trees

At last I could hear myself think

And my thoughts ran away on the breeze


I was seven minutes from home

When reality thundered back in

And that Utopia I’d seen in a vision

Disappeared like it never had been

And the crowd gathered round and exhaled

And on their breath there was pain

And I knew in my heart what I’d seen

I would surely see once again


The day I stepped into a dream

Prepared me for what was to come

Half a century away in the future

I would remember where I’d travelled from

I was two minutes from midnight

And all of us would bemoan what we lost

Utopia isn’t always an Eden

Sometimes it brings Hell as a cost

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Ian Whiteley

Sun 26th Apr 2020 18:11

Thanks for the kind and interesting comments MC

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 25th Apr 2020 16:08

Thought-provoking indeed. It is surely the case that "progress"
brings its own cost which has to be set against the rewards. My
mother's generation surely saw the biggest changes. She was a
14 year old girl when WW1 commenced, when cars were stiil a
rare sight on largely deserted roads and cures we now take for granted were non-existent. She passed in her 10th decade having
seen another world war and human beings travel to the moon..

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