Tree Man

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Tree Man


In this place of the weird and bizarre

It was just one of those nights

Nothing out of the ordinary

In the garden of earthly delights

A place full of demons and monsters

A collection of unworldly sights

My rotting roots implanted in hell

Where nightmare and horror alights


The bagpipes fucked with my head

They almost drove me insane

Humans and demons dancing around

In the right hemisphere of my brain

I look over my shoulder to see

A body I clearly disdain

An eggshell cracked and defiled

By thorn-like branches of pain


A grey hooded man on a ladder

Buggered by an arrow as he climbs

To the tavern that sits in my stomach

Full of drunkards discussing their crimes

I look wistfully on all of this

My expressions cries ‘interesting times!’

No one in their right mind could muster

Description in innovative rhymes


Across the chasm of chaos

A bird headed demon devours a soul

Excreting the corpse it digested

From bedevilled and ancient arsehole

Naked gamblers who sit round a table

Are slaughtered while paying their toll

Whilst a knight is attacked by a wolfpack

Who chew on him and eat him up whole


All the while I stretch and grow higher

My branches now covering all

In this place of darkness and torment

We are dancers at Beelzebub’s Ball

We reside here and suffer our fate

So take heed and don’t answer the call

Of temptation to visit this place

Where many of God’s children will fall


It was just one of those nights

I saw it all as I opened my eyes

I had lain here rooted in sin

Ignoring the falsehoods and lies

That at the end there’s redemption

Your soul moves on when it dies

But it doesn’t always end up in heaven

Sometimes this is where it will rise

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