wish i were a hurricane
that churns the ocean's floor
wish i were a rich coral reef
stretching from shore to shore
wish i were a tectonic plate
could move the earth around
wish i were a quake
that crevasses the ground
wish i were a drop
descending from a cloud
wish i were a thunderstorm
ferocious and loud
wish i were a streak of lightning
that brightens the sky
wish i were a peregrine
screeching out its cry
wish i were a leaf
blowing in the wind
wish i were a tornado
that could spin...spin...spin
wish i were the moon
hanging low in the night
wish i were the fire
that lights up the fly
wish i were a rainbow
every color too
wish i were the clouds
in the sky of blue
wish i were a mountaintop
a real tower of power
wish i grew in the valley
a tiny yellow flower
wish i were the rock
creating a cave
wish i were the whitecap
on every ocean wave
wish i were the song of each bird
wish i were the silence
that's broken when disturbed
wish i were an ice floe
going from here to there
wish i were a home
for the polar bear
wish i were rain
that nourishes the soil
wish i were a volcano
that sputters and boils
wish i were a lake
that trickles to a stream
wish i were these things
it's what i dreamed
i wish no more
had an epiphany
i am all these things
and all these things are me

POEMS by cindy lee loucks




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M.C. Newberry

Mon 6th Apr 2020 21:31

Good theme that, if pruned, would make a very enjoyable folk song.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 6th Apr 2020 15:45

Precisely. Well put. It's impossible to be over-dramatic. Some people never realize/understand/know! Whether they can't or they won't, I've never been able to decide.

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Mon 6th Apr 2020 14:59

Understand where you are coming from on this - we end up becoming a part of the whole. Very well put. 👍

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