Puzzled Supermarket Shelf

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Puzzled Supermarket Shelf


(Some enterprising supermarket seems to have given up)



I am a supermarket shelf

Where have my rolls all gone?

You've filled me up with Easter eggs

Whatever's going on?


Supplies of you loved toilet rolls

Have all but vanished, gone

You being empty, not good look

You've nothing for the john



For Easter we are telling our customers

To take the family on a toilet paper hunt

They are hidden in various locations

What you find you get to keep


What fun mummy......


Don Matthews Easter April 2020




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Don Matthews

Wed 8th Apr 2020 11:45

Thanks to all who liked this and to the person who thinks I'm a 'good egg'


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Don Matthews

Wed 8th Apr 2020 11:44

Ode to little Easter egg

I am a little Easter egg
Chocolate through and through
Oh no, someone's just rushed me off the shelf
My friends are gone - boo hoo 😢

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Hannah Collins

Tue 7th Apr 2020 18:43

The rush for toilet rolls, a bit crazy.
Chocolate I can understand.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 7th Apr 2020 15:02

I always had the feeling you were a "good egg", Don. 😌
Hey - it might be a marketable stroke of genius to wrap these Easter
products in decorative toilet tissue instead of the stuff normally used.

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