Love Hope. - inspired by a line in Roisin Kelly's poem Easter

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Love Hope.  

           If I were made of chocolate                                                                                                    

  I'd break off parts of myself                         

to give to you

I’d wrap them in paper

as delicate as a spider’s web

seal it with cellotape and a kiss

I’d tie around a ribbon

recycled and sculptured

into a heart shaped crinkly bow

and then later………

 when we had drunk enough red wine

 to reveal ourselves without inhibition

when we had looked into each-other’s eyes

deep enough

to see the truth within

when we had held hands

long enough

for them to melt and become one

I’d dig deep into my pocket to take out my gift

and watch you open it with fearful anticipation

inside quietly praying

eat me, but please don’t break my heart



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Sat 18th Apr 2020 23:45

This is fantastic. Each line betters those before it, with the last one being the best.

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