What's it called?

The invisible

Arrived uninvited

Silently spinning

The world into chaos



And indiscriminating

Mows down young and old



Halt its spread

The scientist say

Contactless existence

And self confinement

May just break its back

That simple _ really?

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Thu 2nd Apr 2020 21:20

I am so lucky Abdul I live right the edge of a very small town.
I am surrounded by open fields, woods, and an old railway track that has a cycle track that runs from Norwich to the North Norfolk coast...

Over 30 miles without ever needing to go on a road or through a town or village... apart from the odd dog walker and a couple of cyclists it is mostly almost always deserted.

We are all well my friend thanks for asking.

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Abdul Ahmad

Thu 2nd Apr 2020 21:05

po Observing advise. Luckyily I live close to the Leeds/Liverpool canal and open countryside. The paths are deserted. Walking in this enviornment is as safe as it can be.

All are safe here. Hope you and yours are all in rude health.

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Thu 2nd Apr 2020 20:46

It could be just that simple... Abdul.

I trust you and your family are all well.

Stay in... Stay safe

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