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The last withered cherry bud

 promised to return and bloom.

I adore the tree.

And coax her.

I believe it will come and

bloom to a smiling cherry blossom 

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Whatever Happens, Happens

Today I thought about killing myself
I found myself not good enough
I don't think anyone would miss me
Don't get me wrong

I hate that funniest guy in the room is the saddest
Everyone I've ever met I've made them chuckle
I can't think of anything positive
My whole body is going numb

I've become the thing I hate
Fully died inside 
There isn't a anything there anymore
All I think about...

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(On the altar of poetic licence I have sacrificed the grammatically correct "Cummings's" for the grammatically incorrect "Cummings')


It’s Cummings’ Home

It’s Cummings’ Home

That farm was Old Man Cummings’ Home



Talk about graft in politics

The worst example it’s

This hypocrite

As now we see him brazenly stare out

Publicity’s glare

Cos Cummings don’t care...

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Also by John Coopey:



We wake to the rumbling thunder of blood,
Pumping hearts, twisted hearts, this shadow and I
Squeeze into the silences of trees.
Now the dark lights of Christmastide afflict us,
Twilight memories drift, flux, flicker
In this breeze of time.
Penumbra-beginning, hologram-end, my friend,
Such pungent affirmations,
Whispered in the dark,
Slip so easily
Into generations of suffering:
Eyes lif...

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Tunguska Dawn

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Tunguska Dawn


The day the false storm came

My brother Chekaren and I

Were asleep beside a campfire

The smell of burning wood drifted

Across our sleeping forms

When suddenly a thunderclap

Awoke us from deep sleep

And we saw the second sun


Blazing white heat tore our shirts

And made our skin hot to the touch

And all around we heard the sound

Of the secon...

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5 sensescosmic eventday 26eye witnessmeteoritenapowrimo2018tunguska


The lines below are a result of an incident just witnessed in the street outside my flat. 


I've just been leaning out of my bathroom window

Taking a breath of much needed air

When a young woman with a dog paused below

Looking on as her mutt did its business there.


I watched, somehow knowing she wasn't prepared

To clean up when the doggy deed was complete

And sure eno...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:




We are a non-profit

at least on paper

silently we take cash

in small bills

we also ask

the government for help

and they are dumb enough

to give it

we have buildings to maintain

and lots of staff

we have an advertising budget

and a stable of lawyers

we also have huge conventions

at high-priced resort hotels and

our boss makes more that the President


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Tuesday's Prayer

Lord mold me into 
the loving person
you created me to be. 

Help me praise, 
instead of complain.

instead of frown.

Look up, 
instead of down.

Reach out to the lost,
so they can be found. 



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Also by Vautaw:

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Long Haiku Or Short Sonnet?


as if there is no fate.
Choose long straight hair
like a long straight road
from here to there.
Choose the easy life
however hard it may be.
At the last minute as at the first
as if the duelling pistols are identical.
As a baby turtle rushes
into the sea or into a wall.

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Moongirl.renewed energies

I can feel my body strengthening 

Mind and heart reviving

All the laxity disappeared 

There is a new vibrancy enveloping

As if the traits of laziness where whispered

Boggling thoughts were charms stings 

Now all is quite, peace and contentment resides

A home where I live after weeks seems to come alive

Disappointed, dejected, forlorn feelings are wiped out

A wholesome me...

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Three Friars

In Sherwood Forest did Friar Tuck

Love a pork pie while

Chaucer's glib wanton spurned

Slum and gutter dwellers, and now tonsured

Brother Dominic, a noble pillar to his Order has been on

Pilgrimage to preach at Durham where the Hounds of the Lord the

Black Friars dwell at St Cuthbert's, and like his

Founding father

St Dominic, the Inquisitor-General, whose

Mother dreamed ...

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bare-facedbrotherdominicchaucerheresymonastic ruleorderthree friard

Little Window Flowers

In a pot on the window sill

I have some small, pink blossoms

Tucked into their green foliage.

The scouring bees

Riding high on air currents

And feisty, little wings

Spot them clearly,

And smack into the glass

With a thump.


I feel bad every time it happens

But I don't move the pot.

They never drop down dead

Or stunned, that I can see.

I wonder what they T...

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not a sage

Not a sage

He is old now, and eyes are watery he looks absent
and hiss ready smile has disappeared-
people ask him questions he cannot answer because
he is unwilling to say what they want to hear.
Yes, he is a communist but also critical of its policy
it can so quickly end up with an elite- sham labour unions
and loss of free expressions
Democratic- communism is not possible as people
we ...

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Prayer and God Will Protect Me From Corona

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Prayer and God Will Protect Me From Corona


Trump calls for churches to open – regardless.


“In America we need more prayer, not less”


Must go to my church coming Sunday

Mix close with the people and pray

To God who'll protect me and save me

And keep corona virus away


Attending my church is more important

More important than staying at home

My God will...

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Lock Down Bank Holiday Let Down

The bank holiday, just like any other it would seem

People lined up for burgers, queued for ice cream

Traffic jams and chaos, they raced to beauty spots

Roads filled with cars and bikes, so few parking slots


They parked on pavements, blocking walkers' way

Locals wished the tourists had not visited that day

Was it too much to hope, common sense would prevail

I wish that th...

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It's Football, But Not As We Know It

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Players on the pitch

Managers in dug-outs

No fans in the seats

Everyone's been shut out

Happy to be replaced

By life-size cardboard cut-outs

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Also by Brian Maryon:

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this is my vow. 

to myself. 

to the me that only I know. 

I write. I write 

and I never ever want to stop writing

it's the only way to communicate in the world I live in 

where texts mean not what they say

but between the lines there's a phrase

depending on the amount of time between each one


it's the only clear thing

keeping me above water. 


This is my p...

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The Raging Heart

The very machine that gives you life
could easily take mine away

The piercing from exhaustion 
punctures my living, my breathing
Every bodily function is affected
as I reach my hand towards the pulsing and thumping 
racing through my chest

I don’t want this to be how I end
I can’t let my kids see their mother this way
I hold on tight to life as I feel my chest tightening 

I sit, 

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Monday, May 25, 2020 10:23 PM

The next time you cut down the olive branch

I hope you realize that such a limb will not always be there.

With abuse, anger, and violence

That limb may fall.

Too fragile to support the weight of such a heavy soul.


The next time you cut down the olive branch

I hope you realize that such a limb has weaknesses of its own.

With threats, beratement, and indifference

That li...

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in a small town near the ocean

a man stares at the sky

asking for it’s answers

praying for it’s promise

we are used to knowing everything 

but about the universe, we know little

all we can do is stare 

and be drawn in by the discomfort of not knowing 

yet appreciating the comfort of knowing it’s always there

I aim for the dark side of the moon

the part nobody sees or ...

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Also by Robbie Christian:

Wedding Cake |


Melanin so dark.

Skin scorched by the heating sun.

Magnificent in every way.

The curls of your hair tell the story of you.

They speak of your resilience and perseverance when they forced you from the land of your forefathers to a foreign land, a land that is not your own.

Only to turn around and feel threatened by your presence.

Within you is a fire that burns bright, a desire to...

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Also by Maatla Mog:


With Croutons

It was one of those cuppa soup thingies.

Minestrone with croutons.

Really the lowliest of soups,

Not only from a packet

But from a little sealed inner sachet too.

A few particles of dusty substance,


Monosodium Glutamate enhanced,

Coming alive with boiling water.

But instead of putting it into a mug

I chose a couple of elegant white soup bowls

With fine ...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

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Hold up your torch
and shine a light
into another person
instead of only
into yourself

Always remember
there is enough darkness
in all of us




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Also by Liam Osaneo:

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Helping each other

Isolation in Spring

Those notes of silence in isolation in Spring
Carry further at night-time more than in the day
with the flowers blowing in the breeze
and the trees outside rustling in the court-yard
their beauty thickened from neglect.

Imaginary fowls that you would see in the fields
And the return of the birds once again
From their endless trawl down South
Are now closed like confessionals in churches

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You lie awake in bed with your eyes swollen from the tears and the pain

Wondering why you deserve to hurt

You play back scenes in your head thinking , " Was it all fake!"

The smiles, the love, the times we laid together in bed, talking about children, and houses by the lake

You close your eyes and tears fall down your face and you cry to God , " Please, please make it all go away!"


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Also by Jacqueline L Elias:

Wishes |

dreamsfaithfakefeelingsGodheartbrokenpainrelationship breakup

Looted Seed

entry picture

The seed he planted didnt really grow
He forgot to add some love and water flow
He just come at night to see the empty pot and go
While the seed he planted, was taken away by a Crow


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Also by Ruvi Galhena:

Blue sky |


The sun was bright
Gates open wide
And Esther was the one

I danced - you walked
I listened while you talked
It was not me who cried

You took the blame
And name in vain
I loved the way you lied

We kissed the kiss
And then you missed
That tiny fleeting smile

Your dress so white
Eyes shut so wide
The closure has begun

Polish roulette
The stage was set
For mischief to be don...

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Also by Greg_ari0us:

M | Sapphire | Before we met |



It works like that my mind,

so tell me this – ‘How many

tons of human hair awaits

the coiffured clip - post the

Novo scare?’ Enough to fill

the holds of merchant ships

dumping out at sea alas,

or yellow skips brought in


I put this question to my

bed room mirror as I rise

and seeing through bleary

eyes - a fuzzy face  in need

of shaving of a bristly chi...

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Also by Philipos:



[In hiding from his record company after refusing to continue commercial recording, Hendrix formed a collective called Gypsy Suns and Rainbow - aka A Band of Gypsys. After 3 days of endless rain they closed the show at Woodstock with an historical performance. 3 months later he died in London]

Word went out with little warning,

Its always calm before the storm.

A mass of biblical proporti...

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Also by trevor homer:

CONTAGION [The Book Shop] |

The Subject in the Picture

Golden was the frame

That surrounded you

A beautiful scene

Filled with a magnificent hue

- Nature's canvas.

Centrally seated you

Looked at the artist

And drove the object

Out of the imagery

Created an image

Of yourself

Fighting back

Alive with strength

You and you alone

Noone else can be you


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Guardian angel

entry picture

Everyone alive  has a guardian angel who dries there tears

They hold them close even when I seems noone is here

But when I look into the sky I feel so much 

When I want some compassion there's noone I can touch

Guardian angels are that warm feeling after crying

The thing that makes you stop and keep trying

But even though I'm alive I don't have this

I think my guardian angel d...

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Also by Zoëlla:

Tick...tock |

Chasin' the Breeze

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la petite phrase  Proust


Back home and married

after our year abroad,

the heat was on all summer

as mortgage rates

and temperatures soared.

Recording it now,

the memory’s triggered

by the music a DJ plays –

which happens to be

George Benson’s Breezin’,

the track that eased me

into jazz, clocking on

in the council yard

to get one step ahead.



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Thoughts (random)


Thoughts are funny 

Thoughts are freaky 

Thoughts bring pain

Thoughts bring gain 

Neither here neither there 

All we think we bring to bare 

My thoughts 

Her thoughts 

Your thoughts 

His thoughts

Thoughts we share

Thoughts we cannot bare 

Though you do not say, your thoughts they always find there way

Good thoughts bad thoughts 

All day we fi...

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#thoughts #poetry #mentalhealthawarness

Just truth

No matter the distance

No time nor space

Nothing of rifts annd valleys

Simply nothing can

Change my feelings for you

Love and trust and hopes in you

My madness, craziness and going bonkers

Head over heels and head without reasoning

Call it love is blind or vision imapired

Whatever anyone names it or says

Just one truth can neither change nor rewind

My feelings, emo...

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Also by Jasmine k.:

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On Visiting The Aosta Valley

I have not need, nor will - in writing this -

to place another hue within a rainbow;

to place more notes in birdsongs would - I know -

only cloy the passing hearer's bliss;

a monarch crowned would little gain or miss

in being crowned once more for merely show;

a scene like this that stretches out below

is such that graceful art I can dismiss.

Tranquil it sits in winter's pa...

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on visiting the aosta valley christopher laverty

Clouded Judgement

entry picture

Clouded Judgement


I wandered lonely as a cloud

In sky’s so clear and blue

I wonder what people see, me, or is it you.

Wonderful azure serene and blue

stretching on forevermore...

Or a tiny cloud that’s Oh! so small

and gone within the hour.



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clouded judgementcloudy thoughtsmetaphoricalMoments of ClarityPo

Haiku for the Tory voter (a lament)

Wanted a Churchill.
Got a blonde workshy dandy,
hapless and fearful.


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Also by steve pottinger:

Going Viral (with Teflon Dom) |


I Regret Society As It Is

To live naturally in this modern world one must adapt to the unnatural.

Sex refines criminals out of love.

To live entirely in the flesh and blood world is to spend coins of a limited stock upon images of death.

I see light only that comes from a silent and infinite lake of dark silence.



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Also by Daniel Reuben King:

From The Egg The Yolk Of An Egg. | For Limos | Perfumed Flower Garden |

Wounded Animal

Wounded animal


‘Mankind’s a wounded animal!’

The voice of the columnist boomed.

As though his mansion dripped with blood,

While a hungry predator loomed.


Down his way, though, mankind survives.

The van, sanitized, delivers

Deep-cleaned excitement on a plate.

Summertime: nobody shivers.


The odd spark flies and tempers fray,

But daily jogging keeps all tr...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Bedside Days |

'One Lung Dave'

‘One Lung Dave’ is what they call him,

The man whose fighting cancer.

Breathing is a challenge everyday-

We all wish there was an answer!


‘One Lung Dave’ is what he calls him,

We laugh and all poke fun

His humour is his armour…

when he can only walk but wants to run.


‘One Lung Dave’ is what the doctors call him,

He struggles to breathe everyday-

Waiting for ...

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Also by JJ:

Daughter |

Whole lot of shame

Stop playing pretend

Stop trying to be my friend


I just wanted you to listen

Instead you just start fishing


I don't have time for this in my life

You fuck with my head causeing strife


I am so easily to change my mind

I will just lay here and act like I am fine


I deserve to feel like shit

I caused all this now I deal with it


Now you just bully ...

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Also by Darkest sunflower:

Mirror heart | All alone | In between | Cuts | Dream or nightmare | Broken road | God what's normal? |



Dreams are a simple way to make sense

of the past, often used as a mental grip

on the bafflement we feel

when choice engulfs us, not just hems us in.


Shall I become that which I know I am not?

Perhaps, an empty shell, I will be found out:

a shameful gambler like many,

and primed to receive his just deserts.


Or, better, to receive the same without regre...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Memoirs and Reflections |

Give Me Space

Give me the spaces between the words,

Give me all the implication in intonation,

Give me your intent,

Don't circumvent for the sake of convenience,

Show no lenience, as you vent,

Give me the spaces,

Let the sweet melody of your discourse,

Gain added force in the breaks,

For both our sakes,

Give me your pent up emotion in the whispers hid within your oration,

Release y...

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Whilst others may be far away, 
You've no need to leave your room, 
For you can see and hear them, 
Through a device that we call Zoom.

Zoom is a modern method, 
Of which people should now know. 
It is a common meeting place 
Where everyone now seems to go.

Your meeting may be a one off. 
You may have many in succession. 
You might just meet one person, 
Or have lots of them in a se...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

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ComputersMeeting peopleModern technologyStuart VannerZoom


Ambitions burn within me.

they've smouldered for a while,

although the Reaper’s left his card,

black edged as is his style.

But I'm not predisposed as yet

to shuffle off this coil,

I've got a list of things to do

before I go sub-soil:

like make a mechanism,

enhancing life for all,

invent a panacea,

sorting problems large and small.

I'd like to be a pilot


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Also by Jonathan Humble:

In Boots Like These | This Skin |

My Goodbye Letter


The Last Hello and The Last Goodbye


Sorry I can't

hug and hold


Whispering gentle words

that really matter


Sudden empty heart

will never understand


Bless you eyes

faith filled prayers


Tears of grief

ink well full


Broken spirit writes

I love you


Have lost count

how many times


If no reply

I know that



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Also by Nigel Astell:

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Sent by Angel Post

The Forests will Echo with Laughter. Part 2.

entry picture

Anemones frizzled sparks beneath the trees

and bluebells rippled lakesides in the glades

the day Amelia Hamilton first breezed

into the woodland camp

sequestered in the shade.


Although no one had seen her face before

they felt she had been born to live among them.

Willing to muck-in with all the chores

the new recruit soon proved

more expert than the young men.



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Also by Tim Ellis:

The Forests will Echo with Laughter. Part 1. |


Incapable of tenacity,
My efforts become wasted.
No issue of bone density,
But one of sweet love, tasted.

Too far away;
It never existed.
Mere fiction to fill my day.
My face turns away.

That's just my way,
It seems.

To fill my day,
With fallacy;
Your head with 'promise me'.

Watch as I dance around meaning without capacity.
Please, no flash photography –
Try, but you...

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Also by nightflower:

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Turn in Time

They walked out the door and the air was heavy

She felt as though she would suffocate as all the air was sucked out of her lungs

Her chest got tighter and tighter with every strained breath

She stood there as he began to turn away from her

Instantly a thousand thoughts ran through her mind like a spinning kaleidoscope

Bright colors, scents, feelings, and thoughts

She went back in...

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Always Love You

I will always love you. For the sun and the moon to know, to let the fear flow, to let the earth turn slow. Universe is for the lovers...



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