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Philipos on GHOSTLY PASSAGES (10 hours ago)


Criticized, Plagiarized, Ostracized, … Still, we are Here!

Survivors, Overcomers, … Strength to Persevere!

But we’ll settle with Equality, Transparency and a system that’s Fair!

No More… No longer... We won’t accept despair!

We’re not playing games, and we have no more fear!

We’ll March... We’ll Riot... and We’ll tear down your town’s square!

Black Lives Matter!

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Listening to too much hip hop

When I look in your eyes

I see a sad mess

That's right, not sadness

But a sad mess

Like you haven't gotten lucky in a bit

Cause somebody broke you down

Hurt and a little discouraged

But you just take another hit

And he left you to pick up the pieces

While he leaves, and your heart just ceases

No more beating, no more love

No more sex, and no more hugs

And I'd co...

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Also by Eric Berard:

Sometimes, you know. | Where I Am | The Truth | An Old Friend | Keep Fighting | Flawed | Savage |

The Master

Systematic actions


alternate conjectures

To alternative deviations

Disciplend mind

Rappid fire reaction 

to every justifiable motion

Of the will of God

In one of its finest expressions

with all as one

as the tones 

and notions flow

as the all emcombacing universal

power grows at the heart of every human

With freedom of mind




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Hold you in my thoughts

I wish you all the best for your new start

Hope your life is crazy happy with the one you love

You deserve all the happiness in this world

May you live the life with your beautiful life in peace and joy

May success be yours today, tomorrow and always

Thank you for trying to help me through my hard times

Theres no point now discussing my life to a stranger

I wanted you by my si...

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Also by Juniper:

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Cry From Isolation — A Sonnet

By ACE8.6

I heard a baby cry today
while I was walking through the park.
The cry was not to get her way
It was strong, insistent, and dark
Was she too hot from the sun’s bright ray?
Was she afraid of the dog’s bark?
Was she demanding she be allowed to play
in the song of the Meadowlark?
This baby cried not for want
This baby cried to warn
And I became the confidant
Of this child wh...

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childrenCOVIDelectionisolationsocial distance

Attention span


Your face is crystal clear to me. I have studied your face how the sun light reflects in your eyes. How you look serious when you’re nervous. I can see you even when I close my eyes. Your beauty was etched in my memory. However the feeling apparently one sided the time I spend thinking about you appreciated an not reciprocated. My interest begins to fade now knowing this. There was a time I c...

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Also by Michael Rios:

What if I let you close |


it's a two and fro,
the seconds pass,
and the morning bridges burn to ashes.

yet people stand,
I stand,
the ways in the water way that flow down my path.

And this thing in your hands,
which lays about in deadly slumber,
and is second nature to the time-bomb.

It's another way that the world does shatter,
as it crumbles,
and left alone.

But gashes form in the hearts of galor,

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Also by Alita Moore:

rubber hands | holland bells | puppet |


entry picture

I hated the sight of you from day one.
Oil pumping from enlarged pores. 
Boils and blackheads forming,
Cysts, pits, scars and sores.
A head without a face.
What am I? Please help me.

Excruciating pain and tormented by itch
I seriously don't have the strength for this.
Find a cure before I cut these fuckers off myself.
I've tried every pill and wonder cream on the shelf.
Drink w...

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The Anti Shanty

Take yer shanties and shove em 2016 Or the Anti Shanty.


Take yer shanties and shove em.

Take yer white foam flying.

Take yer fair winds blowing.

Take yer furrows following fucking freely.

And shove em.


Yer songs about masts and sails

and rolling, rollicking singing and fun in gail’s.

Phoney fallacious frigging fantasy folklore.

Unreal figures dancing and pranci...

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Also by I'm not a poet:

Books | Days Defined | (untitled) | The Old/New Estate | Hellhounds on my trail | (untitled) | (untitled) | Blues for David. | Slice of heaven 1988 | Homage to Shane Macgowan | Thank you | Oh America | Blues for David. | Breathe |


entry picture

Darting, swooping, swift and fast

Feeding frenzy in the dusky light

Flying circus of winged acrobats

Silently performing for us tonight

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Also by julie callaghan:

Virus News | My Version - Audrey Hepburn Beauty Tips | Repeat and Repeat | Ruskin's View | Hot Pink | Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow | Move Over Rain Clouds | Tired | Beirut | Strong and Brave Enough | Wild Garlic | Memories | The Shire Horse | Rain or Shine |

Sooner rather than Later.

And there was a pause 

And a question of whether I would 

Fill the dead space with apologies 

And explanations.


I didn't.


Please know 

That I do this 

Only because I must,


And that I have always 

And will Always

Put Light 


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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

In Suspension | Drown Me | We're All in the Looney Bin Here | Surface Work | Privilege | Penance |

Thunder Storms

entry picture

Thunder storms
Running through my head
Rumbles getting louder
Scared things might be said
Hide away in a closet
Because the sound is so loud
Hide from the truth
Because the truths not allowed
Thunderbolts they are striking
Flashbacks of a lad
A childhood in silence
Adolescence was sad
But storms they get stronger
They gain strength with time
The rain is now pouring
I’ve a hurricane ...

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Also by curiousdud3:

This Is Me (The Man You See) | Planted Seeds | Don't want to hurt | Lost Boy (AKA Lost Child and Lost Girl) | Hide and Seek | Turn Back the Clock | As a child |


entry picture

We all recollect from our earlier days

In stories we’d tell of the hell we would raise;

We thought then that boastful dishonesty pays

As puppies we’d pompously brag

That there’s nowt that can beat an Old Shag.


But youth is impatient and takes pleasure fast

But the quicker you quench it the sooner it’s passed

The longest ride’s had on the horse that comes last

So savour...

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Also by John Coopey:


Bottled Letters

It presents gravels before my feet,

The sea

When it meets the sand,

Holding my longing gaze as I stand

Atop coffined treasures

And pebbles filled with flints made from memories,

That weigh my slippers

Down to this deserted beach.

Myriad secrets encaged in their bottle shaped ampoules

Float aimlessly like vagabonds do.

Imprisoned in cells of reminiscence,

They await their acquittal somet...

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Also by Shifa Maqba:

Plath's Poppies |

beachlettersmemoriesmessage in a bottlepoetrysea

The Mirage

We all live

Within a dream

Of ourselves 


Our inner mirror 


Very differently 

To its weaker counterpart

The one 

Made of glass

Our inner wardrobe 

Very different to the one

We we wear for real

Our inner voice 

Almost unrecognisable 

To that poor 


We hear when 

It plays 

Back to us

On whatever 

Modern technology 


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Internal Thoughts

You make me feel so invisible

So small

So insignificant

You’re supposed to be the one that helps build me up

You’re supposed to be the one that doesn’t make me hate myself

But instead here we are

Constantly dancing between sadness and anger

Repeatedly battling in silence with one another

Ignoring each other until one of us finally breaks

This isn’t how it was supposed to...

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Also by jjessicca:

Untitled, perhaps. |

Spiralling downhill

Hope and memory

journey through life

in a downhill spiral.


It all begins wiith

hopes of memories

and rapidly

descends towards

memories of hope.

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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

Imagination running wild | What light from yonder window shone? | Curse of social distancing | Sunshine smile | The oblivious world | It was____ | A Masterpiece | AS YET UNBORN |

Fractal Enclosures


Fractal Enclosures


     Long now,
Thoughts on life have teetered upon the value of mushrooms,
     I am not alone in this - as everyday
I sense the bloom of those about,
     Searching so desperately The Sun.

     Occasionally in dense populations
You see the confused tentacles feeling all about
As Humanoid meandre among one another -
And even if a latch is possible,

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The Eleventh Hour (Poem)

The battlefield is finally clear

Thank you to those that have sacrificed

Without you the country would have been in fear

And innocent lives would have been sliced


Let us all cheer for the victory

And the brave soldiers that put their hearts to it

This gave us the everlasting liberty

Otherwise our country would have split


Those with courage have passed away

But ...

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Also by Aisha Suleman:

Life (Poem) |



It is so easy now

the little gadget does it all

use only one finger

to turn on

to change a channel

flipping back and forth

I remember when

we only had 3 channels to watch

you had to get up and physically

walk to the TV

to turn the dial

to change the channel

it was good exercise

and kept us from becoming

couch potatoes

now the multi-talented remote


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Also by d.knape:

I Am Not A Robot | Death Delayed | TIME TO GROW UP | TRASH DAY | Our Heartfelt Thanks | 75 PERCENT---a poem by O.L. Buzzerd | Virtural World | Thunder In The Far Away | PLANTS |



must've been
sleep walkin'
when you came in
sweet talkin'

over i was
with a promise
and rose

was warned
about your kind
how could i be
so blind

was it that
enchanting disguise
the wink
in your eye

the lies
on your lips
that had my heart
doing flips

James Dean
that drove
me wild

put so well
should've known


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Also by cindylee loucks:




There was once regard given to "choice"

In life's give and take it had a voice;

But now it suffers a transformation,,

Defined instead as "discrimination"..


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Dog Day

entry picture

Dog Day


The day was hot

Hot and humid

Stretching out

Into a dog day afternoon


The boy was young

Young and stupid

Stretching out

Beneath the furnace sun


The tarn was cold

Cold and ruthless

Stretching out

Along the sunny banks


The swim was exhilarating

Exhilarating and cooling

Stretching out

And heading for the shore


The tar...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Otherness | Covid Mary |

cold tarndangerdeathdog daydrowninghot sunstormsummer

After The Storm

Lying face down

Black loamy soil in her eyes, nostrils, mouth

Rain slashing and puddle pooling 

Her body a pelt


Winds howling their rage against distancing rules

Push against her

Push into her

Pummel her with gusts like fists

Hold her and throw her


All that she has been

All that she has done

Ground into the earth

Lost in the great soak-away


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Also by Hazel ettridge:

The State of Things |

April morning

entry picture

That early April morn, dewy and cool,

Charlie was still lunging on the leash

As we walked up Quaker bridge towards the field.

Charlie was born wise: even then, he did not suffer fools gladly.

How he put up with me, I don't know. Anyroadup, 

This memorable morning Charlie fulfilled 

His 'retriever' appellation - he brought a ball back with a flourish of his tail and with great apl...

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Also by John E Marks:

Noises off | An August midnight | Way | Now we rise, and we are eveywhere | 3rd August, 2014 | Big Bill Broonzy | Elegy |

A perfect marriage

Jane loved her cats she had three,

But was in a marriage ,abusive was he.

To get happy for a short time she turned to drink,

But to cure this  abusiveness she had to think.


One day an idea came into her brain,

Could the happiness of her cats ease her pain?

Her cats were so contented after eating their food,

Could lacing her husbands meals improve his mood?


So for ...

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Also by hugh:

Out of reach | A misunderstanding at the bank | Unmasked on the bus | The defeat of dementia | Is it essential to go out for a drink? | "I'm amazed at my power !" | Please call again | An unfinished sentence |

Lukewarm Love

Once we seethed like hothouse flowers

Our bodies in dire need of ventilation

Life was little short of incendiary

No need for verbal communication


Love never runs a temperature for ever

A windchill factor is always lurking

When balmy seas turn to ice shelves

Before permafrost starts working


What started off as a slight head cold

Was soon a significant nip in the...

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Also by simon lucan:

Black Ringlets | If Only It Would Rain Today | Rose | Crescendo | Pickled | Mud | Hamburg Tram | Safe | 24 Carat | Jock-Strapped | Warpaint |

bodiesincendiarylukewarm lovepermafrostSiberianwindchill

America Realises the Problem Can't be Solved by the Normal Means

entry picture


America has finally woken up to

A problem, a problem it's got

Their virus corona just can't be

Got rid of by just being shot

Don Matthews
August 2020

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Also by Don Matthews:

Sylvain Dornon the Stilt-Walking Baker. Well I'll Be.... | I Want Election Results Now. Tonight |

Empty Hands

Pain exists inside the heart

That mourns the missing day

Emptiness, holding all that’s lost,

Fingers white, grasping air, slipping away


Darkness surrounds all we see, 

Shadows stolen from what could have been

Extinguish a flame, smoke filling our souls

As expectance is hidden and unseen 


Embers remain in the sorrowful ash

As the wind lifts up the light of our e...

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Also by Gary Cuming:

Beginnings | Resist |


Life is not a Fairy Tale

Life is not a fairy tale,
And often has no happy ending.
It may be a long, forlorn story,
And no moral is it sending.

Life is not a fairy tale,
And it may all be quite disjointed,
And when we see a hopeful glimmer
We end up disappointed.

Life is not a fairy tale,
And we must accept that it is real,
So when come across a painful time
It is what we truly feel.

Life is not a fairy t...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Beethoven | Judgements | Shakespeare |

Fairy TalesHopeLifeStuart Vanner

The Title: Designation Intitled.

The Title:

Designation Intitled. 


Often with so many new poems to read each day, it is perhaps the title that is the most crucial part of our poetry.

It is akin to the shop window that entices us in.

It is like the photograph on the take-away wall that decides what we will choose to eat.

The glossy advert in a magazine, and indeed the image that will make us laugh out loud, c...

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Also by Paul Sayer:

No Title! | The Passing of time. | Keeping it simple. | My Sunday call to prayer | World Trade Centre Fires! | Oh my God! | God | The chart of the moment! | The iced metaphor cake | The mask is comming off! |

Cross Cultural Poetry


entry picture

Flirt with the thought of happiness 

Romance your way through adversities 

Marry your everlasting fulfillment 

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Also by Chloé:

Cracked, not broken | Atypical |

The Extreme Power of Love

entry picture

Ujjal Mandal,India,WB

If ever you love someone
with the heart like the
huge mountain, I hope
you must know
why does the boat sail in
the shoreless sea?

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Also by Ujjal Mandal:

Paragons of Virtue | Love, the Beauty of Life like the Glowworm | What is Life Indeed! | Mother, the Lotus of Heart | Books | The Words of God, Jesus Christ |


Rhythm of the Storm

From where I sat in the safety of my home, I could have sworn the Earth was speaking. 

The wind whistled a tune through the cracks of the hollow walls resembling the sound of an old pan flute. 

Dark cranky clouds rolled over the blue revealing a grey atmosphere as drops of rain fell from above painting the asphalt in splatters. 

Just then the sky erupted into a thunderous song roaring fro...

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It was a legend from a spooky past

a manor house where party guests

had played their hide and seek – it

was in Hampshire – a place called

Bramshill House, where at parties

laughter and merriment were key

measures of success – the bride went

off, looking for a hidey hole, and on a

gloomier floor, she found an ideal spot.

So in loftier spaces she discovering a


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Also by Philipos:



I awoke last night and found i'd died

so I turned to face the other side

quite amazed at what I saw

a beautiful maiden five foot four. 

Size isn't everything I thought

as I relished some nocturnal sport. 


But passing to the spirit world

t'was just a nymph as I lay curled,

a kind of hell my hand passed through

and I didn't quite know what to do. 


Her presence...

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Also by ray pool:


no return address

sew my eyes shut
tape my mouth closed
board me up in a box
& send me off

attach the postage
drop me off
at the post
don’t open

until i see you there
and i hear you say ‘my love’
and i feel you
next to my warm skin

until then, leave me here

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Also by kimberly:

your hands, your kiss | a dessert you fancy |


Be Yourself

Be Yourself


Stand upright and alone

Reject conformity

Discard all your labels

Do not read newspapers

Read and educate yourself

Form your own opinions

Reject any form of prejudice

Learn to say no and mean it

Abhor all violence

Do not follow the herd

Choose friends carefully

Go where you please

Do not give in to fear

Don't identify with others


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Also by keith jeffries:

Catapulted | A Smoky Cafe | The haves and have nots | It draws near | Are we going to do this again? | The Stone Tower |


In the stillness of your voice
I begin to weep
The night is weary and heavy
with sleepy sorrow
The still air crawls on my skin
awakening my senses
Looking into the blackened sky
with tear-filled eyes
Under the quiet moonless night
I ponder in solitude
Feeling secure in the calmness
surrounding the earth
The silence soothes my weary soul
waking my every bone
Day steals the joy of the ...

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Fight Defeat

Suicide is not cowardly, but it’s not brave
Everyone says you become wiser with age
But is that really the case when most of us live in our own defeat?
Everyone sits happily, afraid to show their true selves; afraid to show they’re weak
You don’t have to accept defeat, you can fight it, you don’t have to be meek

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Also by C-Lynn:

Lost in the World | Trapped - Haiku |

accepting yourselfhumblesuicide awarenesssuicide depressionsuicide prevention


If standing in solidarity with the marginalized is extreme

Then I Am an extremist.

If having empathy for the ostracized is radical

Then I Am a radical.

If standing unmoved in my convictions is partisan

Then I Am a partisan.

These labels don't deter me

But they embolden me

And they give me the strength to fight.


Embrace the ridicule.




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Also by M3RK:

Waiting for October |



We cherish beauty in the stars

And slivers of a new-born moon,

Collapsing far away from Mars,

Preparing reappearance soon.


The evenings trumpet fuller moons,

Each rising higher in the sky,

While Bruckner’s matchless, melting tunes

Are tracing shapes in your mind’s eye.


Dark night paints portraits of the dead;

Their beauty is too much to bear.

From music...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Agony Street | Tragedies |




Liquor and booze

I wake at the stroke of noon 

My head beats like an on going drum.

Is this what it’s like to continuously be numb? 

A loss at words 

An act of tragedy.

Family matters,

People dieing. 

A girl who’s father is crying. 

In a hospital bed 



All the while 

I stare at the morning sky 

remembering the days...

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Also by Eden Louise:

The race we lost |



Here I am, in the moment,
Focussed on the here and now,
Enjoying the day for what it is,
Not knowing why, not knowing how,
Just gliding on the wave of the eternal present,
Not fretting on the future, nor locked up in the past,
What do I know of what is yet to happen,
And of the things that I have known, only lessons should last,
I refuse to carry the useless millstone of regret,
I ca...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Dawn |



I Tread along 
the thresholds of a dangerous path,
I Tame my wild streak
To escape the bloodbath
I Leash the mind
With  vociferous scream
I Pull  everything
Together for a  perennial dream
I , but can't hold 
Any longer this madness
For I will always
belong to the wilderness.




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Also by Poetess Mind:

Silence | Cry | Rain | Face | Ecstacy | Alive | Death | He | Waves | Breathe | 90 days | Stars | I |

The Visitor

Here I am in a strange place, where I can't explain.
Two children I then meet, so I play game after game. 
It didn't make any sense, is one a daughter of mine?
Where is this place and what has happened to time?

I notice that the window, its view obscured by bars.
Outside I see an ambulance parked beneath the stars.
A man came in and explained what brought us here.
But in my confused mind,...

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Capital O.L,D M,E

I've been trying to get my head up like a buoy
It's no use I'm drowning already
I'm lost at sea 
Throwing up from the vertical

I didn't lie when I told you 
I loved you but you surely did
You broke all of your promises 
Didn't even flinch from it

It would have been easier if you killed me
Because I loved you 
I tried to be everything for you
Like always I'm never good enough

Sew ...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Cloak | CUT | these days it's really hard to get the words I need to say out | No Where But Down |


The torment of not knowing.

The craziness of it all.

The joy of it all.

The freedom felt at that time, not a care in the world.

Giving way to whatever pleases the mind.

The craziness of not knowing where to go and who to go with.

The fear that comes with tomorrow and leaving it all behind.

Oh! Youth how great you are.

How I delight in you and the times I have spent with you...

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Jain sat under a tree

A bird dropped a feather

It touched a baby mushroom

All lives matter

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Also by Kevin T.S. Tan:

A tiny flame |


August 2020 Collage Poem: Out of the Earth

entry picture

Spinning out of control history going mad

Gunpoetry Plotters spinning music by the River of Time

drunker and drunker with each nearer step he took on the road to Manchester

A susurration of stanzas and verses skim across the rooftops of Stockport.


relentless ripples of summer clouds

Grim it up, brother

Grim it up, sister,

graduate from sad.


a driver pausing in the...

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August 2020collage PoemOut of the EarthStockport WOL

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