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I tried to submit my meter reading

For my electric supply today

You'll probably guess where this is leading -

There was just no way! 


Despite my efforts across the hours

The message on view was the same

Sorry but failed systemic powers

Are the things that are to blame.


No matter that much time was had

To get their systems working,

How could the timing  be so...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Send Me A Song

With a flip of the wrist 
there’s a song 
directing you on a time warp, 
back to the time you fell in love 
with the girl of your dreams, 
or so she was at the time.

With every turn of the dial 
there she is 
and yet, there you are 
years apart.

It only lasts 3 minutes 
but it’s the one  
that crawls under your skin 
late at night  
when you’re all alone, 
when thoughts run in c...

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Also by kimberly:

Does a man feel more if he’s a poet | Where Does It Lead? | You’ll Want to Sit Down for This |

Our remarkable Monarch of 70 years

To see you at the Westminster service warmed my heart,

Admiring your determination to be there and take part.

A cup I was presented with at school  in 1953 ,

Which began your dedication,which was set to be.


Your leadership qualities we celebrate always in your song,

"God save the Queen,"thankfully having been there for so long.

You served us while suffering the effects of th...

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Also by hugh:

An appeal to Russian mothers on Mothers Day | Thoughts of an Ukrainian citizen | Freedom of speech !!! |

Rocket And Flare

More money for our Nurses, you couldn't afford.
But to show our thanks, you asked us to applaud.
So when the next round of MP pay talks are due.
Would you be offended if we do the same for you?
Into the sky we could even launch rocket and flare.
To show Members of Parliament how much we care.
Most of you have second jobs, in some cases three.
Do you need more money...seems like greed to me.

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Also by Mike Bartram:

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Hot Line

When my dad passed away,

I began to wish for

A number I could call,

To check he was all right.


‘All right’ is relative, of course,

But the purpose of this hot line

Would be to spread out and discuss,

To ask the unanswered questions,

To say the things we had not said,


And to speak to one that I knew,

Not the wizened, angry, lost soul

I had sat with that la...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

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Bursting the Bounds

The snow and ice melted long ago, already the grass returns to fields of gold.  
So why am I shivering? 
Seas and rivers change course and  flow awry.
So why do I turn to stone? 
Faeries and elves stir up their sisters into dance.
So why cannot I move? 
Immortality seizes this man's imagination.
So can I live another day? 
And why do I carry all the hours of all the days of all the years w...

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Also by John E Marks:

Occult-fish-rat | Because the night.... | Êzidî (ئێزیدی) | Why the poor die | Pink moon | M.A.D. | The dictatorship of the bureaucrats | Willesden | Narcissus | Under blue skies | Northern sky | Lent | GENERATION 27 | Poet Thunder | Russian | I have no words | Red Leb | A sonnet for Sylvie | credo | Spring snow | Roads | Smallholder | The yellow and blue | A rose garden at altitude under occupation | Seeing things |

Last Day Of March

The last day of March brings us
a mix of snow, sleet and sun
The day before April fools 
seems to be having some fun

We put our warm coats on
and then take them off again 
Take a seat outdoors 
only to be caught out by the rain

This time of year, the weather
constantly changes it’s mind 
There’s no sure way of knowing 
what elements you may find

Temperatures fall below freezing 

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Also by julie callaghan:

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The Optimist

screaming at the cold 
the mold of a mind so 
useless like a body in
a dark river

eyes crystal blue glaring up
amid the lapping scum
the corpse of who you thought 
you'd become like a future

things will get better 
things will get better

observers shocked back away 
this bloated meat can speak afraid 
too weird to interact with it
easier to laugh tribal simian

the differences...

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A Seed Falls

A seed falls.

It lands, barely audible

it falls from a tree, a 50 year old tree

50 summers

50 winters

50 times around the sun.

Rain and Wind.

Its roots working their way through the soil




            for 50 years.

To create a seed to fall one day

to be heard.

That moment.


And I was there.


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Also by Bill Dodsworth:

My place | White Feathers | I did'nt know | Things I can't do |


The School Run


Young mums of all shapes and sizes,

Stood outside the little school gates,

Superciliously smiling,

At other young mums, as they wait.


Some of them come on bicycles,

Others arriving in flash SUVs,

Walkers with prams or other tots,

There's even one with a taxi.


There are some Nannies, not Nannys,

Mind you, there could be one or two,

There are granddads an...

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Also by JD Russell:

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Naming It

Swirling the darkness like a smoothie 

Hovering just out of reach

Pricking your attention-what’s it doing

Filling you with a vague sense of fear 


You grasp for it with both hands

As it starts to materialize 

Should you run fuck it or eat

This can’t be decided


Until you can name it 

Understand its taxonomy

You can’t frame it 

Can’t round it completely 


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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Obviously | Kintsukuroi | Singularities | Bad Actors | everybody (but us) | Pulchritudinous | Bad Art Warning | Growing up alone |

Forever Young


Is emblazoned across this shirt

Which you used to own.

It looks so tiny in my hands!

A visual manifestation

Of how incredibly tall you have grown

In such a very short time!

It makes me sad, yet happy,

To see it lying there.

A token of the special bond

We shared.


And share still.

Time has moved on, Will,

Your shirts are double that si...

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Also by John Botterill:

The Death of a Poem | Homeless | Jolly Fine Words | Soppy Love Songs | Just a Bit of Banter | In Praise of Words | Let Sleeping Poets Lie | 'For mash get Smash' re-hash. | Strong Box | Merely a Player |




Teacher means  friend 

And father,

Even classmate

Again tiger.

Teacher means honest

Good man's maker.

they are our guide 

And life's backer.

They are greatest

In this earth,

It honorable occupation

All day, year and month.



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Also by Sheikh Shanto Bin Abdur Razzak:

Mother Is Paradise | Lack Came | I Came Back | Secret Pain | Sorrow | Blow of Heart | Corona's Birth Story | Money Addiction |


Its mid 70s the families of liverpool they struggle 

Born babies the products of scandal and trouble 

A woman in love at the time with a drinker 

mentality destructive disturbed man dark thinker

He cared not a lot for his sons wife or health 

Inside relives torture he's suffered himself 

The wife didn't know this she cant understand 

This was not what the vows read when gave h...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


DeviEmpathy80s era90s eracatholic

Goodbye Dante (our dog)

Sometimes you have to push the bully love aside,
out of the way, elbow and shoulder,
so necessity can see through what love fears most,
loss and the damage of absence.

To see what needs to be done
no matter love’s protests,
though they are not unheard.

Love and necessity, formidable forces,
will eventually reunite
as confederates in purpose,
but gently and in time

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Old Clothes |


Two ageing musicians recount stories

of an inglorious episode shared,

drink does the talking.

They are merely bystanders in a vivid tapestry

strewn like shroud over a past

almost forgotten by the masses -

radio broadcasts, theatre pits,

sleazy nightclubs, outdoor events

where clouds bent their heads in curiosity. 


:Lights in the pub reflect off glasses, rose tinted,


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Also by ray pool:


Rose-Tinted Vision

And in the beginning, I remember how your hand,

Had reached out to help me,

As you promised me that you would love me,

That you would care for me.

And those promises were not the only things broken,

When you used that same hand to hold me down, to use me, to hurt me;

And bruise my vunerability that I had given to you.

And you left my skin in a state that made my mum sob;


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Also by mylie:

I'm cursed. | Hang in there or Hang Yourself | My own storm. | I'd smile |


We'll Figure it Out!

There's a lot


of our


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Also by New Shoes:

Where the Buffalo Roam | A Stones Throw Away | Waiting For The Summer Rain |

Inspired write

When the time is right

It shall shower again

The blessings of love and hope 

As we go on and on in life's throes


Relax and let things happen

In not yours but God's divine timing 

If you have faith within 

Then waiting turns out to be a big blessing


Bring me all your sorrows and griefs

All your worries and dreams 

Lay them all on a platter for me 

For I, y...

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Also by Moonlight:

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I'm grateful for flares, sparkles, occasions... 
For colourful heart's and mind's expectations... 
For feelings' diversity and changeability - 
Taking up to cloud nine...
 Or plunging into gloom's hostility.... 

I'm grateful for tears - of pain or of joy... 
For errors, experience, sadness, delight...
For dreams and for failures that struggle deploys... 
For shame and disgrace, and victo...

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Also by Alive_sunflower:

The Sky | UKRAINE |

They Know

The trees stand silent

But they are watching

The earth welcomes

Your feet

But she rumbles

Ready to make her



The sun shines gladly

Don’t take her smile

For granted

She feeds all

That you have planted


The moonlight shines

Tugs at time

But she is ready

To pull the lifeline


The flowers bloom

The wheat doth grow

But, they know...

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Also by Clare:

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Selfish Last Words

Tonight I’d like to write about how lovely it is to hear birds chirping

Or even newfound hope making its way from the distance

However, no matter how hard I try

I’m afraid I’d fail a thousand times

There’s a small voice inside spitting toxic rhymes

I may lack an abundance of qualities

What I ought to be is far from who I am

I underachieve where the average effortlessly exceeds


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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

Broken. | Speak. | Hazel (2.) | Hazel (1.) | A Friendly Reminder | The Rain Song. |

A turning look


The more I see beyond
your reckoning words
and their sweet ache,
I realize you won
You always did
I gave,
You hid.

And this boyish want
has walked its way,
away from you
and despite my stay
and turning look
I was leaving by weighted
line and flying hook.

And this turning to your
wished for face
has piled the wanting
piled the weight
like stones not counted
but hurtful t...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Who decides? | Children running and screaming |

Blue and Gold

Harrogate 21/3/22


It’s when I see the kites

a family are flying on the Stray

and notice how they glint in blue and gold

belatedly I catch on, how today

the bichrome of the flag of the Ukraine

has never been completely out of sight:

I’ve seen its vivid tones unrolled


not just where you’d expect:

flourished on the apex of a pole;

sellotaped to windows or on do...

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Let Your Heart Sail

Silence is so peaceful and tranquil
like the air at the top of the hill;
you can have the complacency of life
if you cut the head of arguments with a knife;
emotion is there
where the heart is free and without fear;
if the mild petal is the heart of a flower,
controversy is a huge body except power;

be the clouds in the open air
and feel the gifted life in each hour,
be the flowers hea...

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The green man is at my gate conjuring up like magic those that sleep in the earth in winters dark days.


The larks again have found their voice and soar up in the crisp dawn air , to find favour with a mate so fair


Frantic is the air and ground as hoof and claw alert with hearts beating , eyes wide and nostrils flared sense the forthcoming battles ahead , to ensure their line is k...

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Also by Edbreathe:

End game | Hope ? | Z s HELL - ter |


It was my dad’s invention; leastways he never told me he’d heard of it some place else.

Picture a load of lousy rotten kids around a cake. 

How to cut it up so no-one complained they’d got a small piece?

Answer?  Fred’s Formula.

Kid No.1 is about to cut the first slice.

“Aha” you say, “the greedy little git will cut himself a big one”.

He might.

But enter Fred’s Formula.


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Also by John Coopey:


Yes Mum

Cradled kindness

motherhood in abundance


Open mind

whatever the wrongdoing


Gentle touch

our hearts connect


Without you

life becomes non-essential


Recognizable voice

abrupt harsh tone


Stop snivelling

pull yourself together


Just because I

have moved upstairs


Does not mean

I have stopped  - - -


Loving you son x x ...

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Needle in a Haystack |

love you forever Mum x

On Mother's Day

Peace and serenity surround me 
As I feel her arms around me
Amid mist, her countenance is light
My eyes well up with delight
"You didn't betray me! I knew you'd never ..."
"I live in you; I am with yours forever."
"I want to smell you in real too.
O' Mom, but this vision will end soon.
Hold my hand tight, stay with me.
I seek refuge in your sheltering tree."
The light fades and air gets...

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What’s left of me?

What’s left of me?

When I die?

Or when I’ve 


what to do

with my time?

A form of death 

of the heart 

and other 


What’s left of me?

Not politically 

but physically,



And what 

are these 



on the tiled floors 

with their simple 

patterns of leaves?

Who are these


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Closed Theatre: Burnage Garden Village Players, 1912-2020

It strode across a century, enduring wars,

The shifts of fashion and the scorns of time,

A post-war enclave of a simpler age; but

Not the gulf of Covid, short but absolute.


Once, summer evenings in this noon-cool hall

Filled hours with ice-cream, raffles and applause

As year-worn boards upheld performances

And eager actors tried their ways with words


And chill Oct...

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Burnage garden village playerstheatre

Old Man


This far down the road, a cloud of dust 
raised and stirred by writhing dragons
is his history, should he care to look back.
Today he will focus on frozen explosions 
flowers, solely for the beauty. 
Truly enthralled thus, the old man 
is not yet so foolish to imagine
he grows to understand them, or himself
any better. A certainty is
the power of good taken to heart
wilderness kept ...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

What It's All About | Planet Queen | Thought Experiment | Thank You |


Imagine when scientists find the center of the universe 

And how does all this space and time fit

Watch for the surprise of the politicians when they realize 

That they are not the center of it 

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Also by Joe Marcello:


Nature Poem

I adore our Sun for it brings me cheer.
It takes my angst and takes my fear.
It makes me happy and it sends me peace,
I then believe this feeling shall not cease.

I relish the great, green rolling hills,
And with so much joy - my heart it fills.
And I love the sky when it is blue -
I then rejoice at this delightful view

With wildlife one sees all around,
Such beauty it must to us asto...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Ukraine |

Stuart VannerSpringtimeSunshine

Is it me?

 I used to believe that it was me.

That I was broken.

I used to believe that I was the reason you left; that I was too dark to be loved.

That I deserved to be left behind.

I used to believe it was me!

I looked in the mirror everyday and I cried praying to God that he fix me.

Thinking that there was something wrong.

Praying to God that he would make me worthy of your love.


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brokengriefloveself-loveheartbrokenheartsadnesslightgive up



She said,

It's all for free: 

The air 

The trees

The drifting breeze

The luscious grass

The hidden pass

The moonlit sand

And sun drenched land

The cooling rain

To cleanse the pain


Of never seeing you again.



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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

Starlight (re-post) | What is it I see? | Fantastic Women! |

Not arrogant

Not arrogant

Thursday,10th Mar 2022


Not arrogant

but present

yourself as humble

and noble too


the achievement is the final goal

we can't call it temporary

one should strive hard to maintain

and retain with the passage of time


if you fail to digest

and not deliver the best

the world shall leave you behind

and land you in the miserable condition


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Also by Jadia4708au:

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The Ferryman

Will you be the ferryman?

Will you take the helm?

Will you steer the cautious?

To an unknown land


When the sea grows wild

When a harsh wind roars

When the boat is rocking

Will you take the oars?


When a fragile cargo

Fearful of their journey

Grows both tired and weary

Will you give them cheer?


On that final journey

When alone I stand

Will you...

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Also by Brenda Wells:

Stay With Me | The Western World Watches |





The way the lightning taunts me

makes me cower in my home

folded paper walls surround

as the rain falls on and on


Here I'm warm

with comforts near

More than enough

so safe and dear 


Still, I can't evade the storm

as it pours

it pelts

it blows

into my pillow

quiet grief

spirals from within my soul




Tuesday E...

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Also by Kelly Chang:

Karori morning (draft) | Chamomile | Tangelo (10 Jan 2022) | Goodbye, again (19 September, 2021) | 'Molten hour' (September 2, 2021) | HASTY BEETLE! (draft, 2020) | Golden hour rain (draft, 2020) | That time we saw the moon (2020) | I fell in love with the sky and tried to make sense of it (draft, 2019) | Waiting for Santa Claus (2019) | PLACE + ANIMAL + ACTION (2019) | The Colours of Hungary (2019) | The day awaits (2019) | The window in the store room (16/6/19) | A long walk with you (16/6/19) |


Being a parent

Jump in puddles and make a mess 

This life is to be lived at its best

Play in the sunshine and dance in the rain

Share in the joy and guide them through pain

We teach them to listen, we teach them to talk

We carry and hold them and teach them to walk

For all the manners we teach them use 

We must remember to use them too

We must stop and listen and see through their eyes


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Also by Dean Murray:

Forever and always | Small moments |



My life seems all about living in shadows broken words wounded heart thoughts that have turned hollow At every age the shadows returns From care to fear they keep turns

They are sometimes my friend sometimes my foe sometimes they are just living next door

Though these shadows do come handy at times When we need them they do just fine At times they are a heavy burden At time...

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Also by Sleepy Rabbit:

Every Night |



I am lost 
Lost in the fact that I no longer know what the future holds
Lost in my ability to be good partner
Lost in my ability to perform at work
Lost in my thoughts 
I have crashed my ship into rocks 
Stranded on this figment of reality we call life
Drawn between comfort and risk 
Will I ever find a way to mend this sickness

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Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone

I’ve not written a single line

How could I pick up a pen?

What would I express?


Since you’ve been gone

It’s been very strange

But also quite familiar

Returning to our memories


Since you’ve been gone

What has been the point?

The point seems to be

That I need to carry on


Since you’ve been gone

I need to carry on

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On The Estate

People are stuck in a time warp

Frozen in their favourite era

There are goths and punks,

Mods, rockers and hippies

The betting shop's owned by a skinhead

A teddy boy runs the chippy


The shops cater for their every need

Two mini-marts sell cheap food,

Cigarettes and scratch cards

There's a cafe and three takeaways,

A gastropub and a Bargain Booze

To while away ...

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Also by Telboy:

In Trondheim |

Memorial Park


A bronze, winged man holding an olive branch

emerges from his fountain and war-torn stance


Deco fence reflects St. Johns River ripples

Cotton tops reveal taut nipples


Weary jogger sucks the air

Bluejay announces his high-n-mighty affair


Golden Pup sniffs the grass for savory gems 

His human on her phone fights for amends 


River sparkles do a dance m...

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Be what you are



O Dear, be what you are 

For this is what you should be

There isn't  any perfect recipe 

Be what you are meant to be


O dear let people think what they need to

Your life is yours to live through

Be happy with your skin and colour

For no one will ever know what's best for others


O dear find a lesson and a Moral in everything...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

Veiled forever | Thank you | Craziness overdose 😉 |

Tanka: The Worrier

Looming housework: dust, dirt, grime
Attack my eyes each
Day I peer here, there.
Get broom, mop, soap, dust rag more
Worry is tiring. Postpone.


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Also by K. Lynn:

A First Poem |


encounter with an old friend

Where have you been?

   Around and about.

Where did you go?

  Here and there. 

What did you?

  This and that. 

Did you have a good time?

  Yes and no. 

Are you glad to be back?

  Maybe, I’m not sure. 

Will you be leaving again?




Do you have time for lunch?



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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

Waiting On The Storm |

The bird of promise

I have felt insincerity breath out of every pore and

The wind blows in on cue

As seagulls wing and float askew

Bending the air to suit their mood

The perfect patterns of history burst in upon the day

With all the predictability of unseen coves of hidden gestures

And secret codes waiting on the tip of a tongue

Never really explored until it’s too late

And I begin to wonder...

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After Eleusis

The morrow after genesis, 

marrow infused with

mysticism imbibed at Eleusis,

Demeter's blessing granting

a novel softness of tread, 

antidote to dread, yet

sharpness of spirit 

that might look upon

every sunrise as analgesic, 

and will no longer delimit

in accordance with cowardice, 

nor the convention of artifice, 

but will allow the sheer 

cheer of being to...

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

History | Marked Deck | Faded | Guessing Game | Stricken Hour |

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