Where are we heading?

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 Where are we heading today?
is there no way out?
to think and ponder
how to stay safe and prosper!

is the destruction only aim?
is there no place for humanity to claim?
it pains my heart
I consider them all the enemies of human art

it takes years to build
but take no time to yield
raze to the ground in seconds
and deliver the wounds 

I don't know who is wrong and right
but it is unnecessary to fight 
shed the blood of innocent
and present it as a holy war to defend 

with one word of assurance
you could create peace stance
but no! you asked for weapons
to satisfy your ignorance and arrogance

you could say alright
my country shall remain neutral and not fight 
on behalf of anybody 
and shall not promote hostility 

this is madness
and creates panic and seems dangerous 
millions have fled and taken shelter as refugees
why was it not accepted and agreed?

real wisdom lies not in a futile and vain attempt
but creating a prompt
and conducive atmosphere for defending the nation people
who have struggled a lot to build the nation

Dr Hasmukh Mehta
D. Litt, Folt
World poet laureate
© Hasmukh A. Mehta


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