Send Me A Song

With a flip of the wrist 
there’s a song 
directing you on a time warp, 
back to the time you fell in love 
with the girl of your dreams, 
or so she was at the time.

With every turn of the dial 
there she is 
and yet, there you are 
years apart.

It only lasts 3 minutes 
but it’s the one  
that crawls under your skin 
late at night  
when you’re all alone, 
when thoughts run in circles. 

During the middle of the day 
it’ll punch your gut 
as time melts away, 
sending shivers 
down the corners of your back.

When you look across the way, 
there she is, 
and yet, there you are 
years apart.

When you hear that song 
you wish it’d send hope 
for something better, 
instilling excitement. 

You want that song 
to be sent in your direction 
expressing “Think of me, 
as much as I do you.”

And yet, there she is, 
and there you are 
years apart.


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Mon 4th Apr 2022 01:24

Thanks, John. 🙏🏻

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John Botterill

Sun 3rd Apr 2022 17:02

Awesome poem. Considers a number of difficult issues simultaneously and does so superbly Kimberley! 😎

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Fri 1st Apr 2022 04:00

Depends on the lover 😉

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 31st Mar 2022 23:04

Yes Kimberly, everyone has a certain song. What’s yours?

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