My words and

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My words and 
Monday, 7th Mar 2022 

My words and vocabulary 
clearly understand humanity 
I needn't consult or refer
they flow in like a river water 

not more or not less to find
they come and strike in mind
The pen moves with rhythmic tone 
create the color of the rainbow seen 

sometime, suffer anguish and pain
some time, remain stubborn 
revolution to turn 
for the dead to mourn 

the peace and stability 
only the pen can express humanly 
words are a poet's asset
come out from the box as jewel and get the right place

not to save the face, but bring the victory in race 
write with an ease and simplicity 
then, you need no vocabulary 
wrongly spelt words make controversy 
and give a chance to comment by an adversary 

create no storm in a tea cup
don't try to rub the wound
but try to heal 
and project the real scene

Dr Hasmukh Mehta
D. Litt, Folt
World poet laureate
© Hasmukh A. Mehta


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