Is it me?

 I used to believe that it was me.

That I was broken.

I used to believe that I was the reason you left; that I was too dark to be loved.

That I deserved to be left behind.

I used to believe it was me!

I looked in the mirror everyday and I cried praying to God that he fix me.

Thinking that there was something wrong.

Praying to God that he would make me worthy of your love.

I used to believe it was me!

Until one day my eyes opened up, and I realized it was you the broken one.

Roaming this world trying to find your purpose, the reason to be alive.

Wondering if you are worthy of love, wondering if you are enough,

Not seeing that I loved you to infinity and beyond, through the darkness, through it all, I saw your light!

I used to believe it was me!

It destroyed my heart.

Yet, it continues to beat hard telling me to not give up because self love is better than any other love.



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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 7th Apr 2022 19:44

A beautiful poem of self discovery 🌈

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 7th Apr 2022 18:42

Seeking realisation of self-worth through others can be a
fraught business...not least in the effect of self-doubt on the emotions. Maturing is as much a mental process as a physical
one and can be hard to bear on occasions. Experience never
comes cheap, that's for sure. 😐

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John Botterill

Thu 7th Apr 2022 17:08

A fantastic poem, clearly deeply felt and so true!

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Veronica Jones

Thu 7th Apr 2022 14:24

I could feel the emotions coming through as I read this piece.

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